Grenelle, formerly an independent municipality of the former departments of Seine, since 1860, the 59th of the 80 district (district ) of Paris. It is located in the southwest of the city on the Rive Gauche said left bank of the Seine and is part of the 15th arrondissement.

The name comes from the Latin word Grenelle Garanella, small wild rabbits. Gave the name to the once open area, which today covers the district. As time was of Garanelle Guarnelles, later Garnelles before it finally got the still existing label Grenelle.

The French Ministry of Labour has traditionally based in the Hôtel du Châtelet in the Rue de Grenelle. The term " Grenelle " is therefore used interchangeably in France for the Ministry, like " Quai d' Orsay " for the French Foreign Ministry. In May 1968, here is the " Grenelle " between government, employers' associations and trade unions has been negotiated, a turning point in the May riots.

This " Grenelle " is still named for high-level discussions between politicians and associations. Among other things, the government had an " Earth Summit ", a Grenelle de l' environnement scheduled for October 2007.

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48.852.2916666666667Koordinaten: 48 ° 51 '0 " N, 2 ° 17' 30" E

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