Gare Montparnasse

  • Railway line Paris - Brest ( 0.5 miles )


Montparnasse train station ( Gare Montparnasse French ) is one of the six large terminus stations of Paris. It is located in the southwest of Paris on the Place Raoul Dautry in the 15th arrondissement.

The train station is in the 15th arrondissement, a major transportation hub, with transfers between four lines of the Métro (lines 4, 6, 12 and 13) and connections in high-speed network of the French railway company SNCF, TGV from Paris Montparnasse especially the main lines in the direction of Brittany and the Atlantic coast, in the west and the southwest of France and served Hendaye on the Spanish border.


The first Gare Montparnasse in 1840 under the name Gare de l' Ouest - Rive gauche built at the end of the Rue de Rennes at the then Place de Rennes ( Place du 18 juin today 1940). The location was about 330 meters from the main entrance of today's Gare Montparnasse. Since the old station was soon no longer cope with the increasing volume of traffic, was from 1848 to 1852 under the supervision of the engineer Eugène Flachat built the second Gare de l' Ouest on the foundations of the first station.

In the late 19th century and early 20th century arrived at Gare de l' Ouest many Bretons with the trains of the Compagnie de l' Ouest, to find work in Paris.

The station was known by a serious railway accident on 22 October 1895. It pierced the locomotive of a train, which was traveling from Granville to Paris, to brake failure the building wall of the terminus station and fell to ten meters below street. All train passengers survived the accident, but it was killed a passer- by the falling debris. The photo of drooping out of the station locomotive is still very common today.

The current station was built as part of a real estate project in the 1960s at Place Raoul Dautry same time as the Tour Montparnasse and in 1990 redesigned as part of the commissioning of the LGV Atlantique: outside, a la porte Océane called glass facade installed on the outside view the interior design of concrete allows and should allow an improved perception as a train station. An appropriately sized deck slab under the tracks provides room for a parking lot. On the roof, which spans 22 tracks of the railway station, is the Jardin Atlantique, a 150 × 230-meter tall, publicly accessible garden and the Mémorial Leclerc.

Served routes

  • TGV Atlantique towards west and southwest France: Paris -Tours ( St Pierre des Corps ) -Poitiers-Bordeaux-Saint-Jean-Toulouse-Matabiau/Tarbes/Hendaye-Irun (Spain )
  • Paris -Tours ( St Pierre des Corps ) Poitiers, La Rochelle
  • Paris -Le Mans-Rennes-Brest/Quimper/Saint-Malo
  • Paris -Le Mans -Nantes -Saint -Nazaire- La Baule- Le croisic


  • Yearly be handled at the Gare Montparnasse train about 115,000, which corresponds to an average of 315 trains per day.
  • The daily passenger volume is about 175,000 people, but the number of travelers during the holiday season be up to 400,000 daily.
  • 300 people are employed at the SNCF Gare Montparnasse. For ticket sales, there are 85 switches and 73 machines.
  • The station offers 28 above-ground tracks. On the tracks 1-9 run TGVs on the tracks 10 to 17 Transilien trains and on the tracks 18 to 24 of the TER Centre and TGVs. Add to that a side wing, the Gare Vaugirard, where the tracks are laid 25 to 28. From here there Corail Intercités ( equivalent to the German Intercity), TER trains to Granville and Argentan.
  • The station has 52 escalators and 11 elevators.