1932 24 Hours of Le Mans

The tenth 24 - hour race at Le Mans, the 10th Grand Prix d' Endurance les 24 Heures du Mans, took place from 18 June 19, 1932 held at the Circuit des 24 Heures in Le Mans.


Prior to the race of the year 1932, the route underwent a fundamental change, which has now become so layout followed the still existing course. The old Pontlieue section has been completely bypassed, and specially according to the wishes of the Automobile Club de l' Ouest new passages were built. The " Esses " and the " Tertre Rouge " have been over the years, the most popular route parts with viewers and thousands of pictures adorn international publications over the 24 -hour race, which show the vehicles either entering or leaving the Esses. By 1967, the route remained completely unchanged. This was followed by adaptations that were necessary over the years to improve safety among drivers and spectators.

Of the 26 participants were seven teams with vehicles of the brand Alfa Romeo. Among the last year's winner Earl Howe and Tim Birkin in an Alfa Romeo 8C 2300Lm and two factory cars. Birkin had given his old Bentley Blower to Frenchman Jean Trévoux that already in the first round at the Maison Blanche had with the car but an accident. Since the car was unable to recover, he formed a kind of harassment that some drivers has been the undoing of the night. Ferdinando Minoia lost in the night, as he drove in the wreckage and had to retire. Also the only Citroën was in Le Mans at the start, did not come very far, after just two rounds strike the magneto, and the car had to be parked.

After the failure of Tim Birkin cylinder damage by the way was clear for the private Alfa Romeo, which was being driven by Raymond Sommer and Luigi Chinetti. The last failure was a Bugatti Type 55, which was piloted by Polish nobles Stanisław Czaykowski and the French racing veteran Ernest Friederich. For Luigi Chinetti it was the same as the first victory at the first appearance.

Odette Siko reached on their Alfa Romeo fourth in the overall standings and missed the podium by one round. It is the best placement that could ever reach a woman in Le Mans.


Pilot after Nations

  • Oldest Driver: United Kingdom Auguste Bertelli (52 years )
  • Youngest Driver: France Pierre Louis -Dreyfus (24 years)

Final ranking

Only in the message list

Here are the teams, drivers and vehicles that were originally registered for the competition, but it did not participate for various reasons.

Class winner

Race data

  • Reported: 36
  • Starter: 26
  • Weather during the race weekend: hot and sunny
  • Distance: 13.493 km
  • Distance of the winning team: 2954.038 km
  • Winners section: 123.084 km / h
  • Fastest race lap: Ferdinando Minoia - Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 ( # 10) - 5.41.000 = 142.437 km / h

Pictures of 1932 24 Hours of Le Mans