1957 24 Hours of Le Mans

The 25th 24 -hour Le Mans race, the Grand Prix d' Endurance les 25e 24 Heures du Mans, was held from June 22 to 23 place in 1957 at the Circuit des 24 Heures.

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Before the race


The regulations adapted - was again by those in charge of the Automobile Club de l' Ouest - Organizers of the 24- hour race since 1923. The number of vehicles that could participate in the race, was set to 55. The restrictions on engine size and tank capacity adopted last year were canceled. The minimum distance between two fuel stops has been reduced from 34 to 30 rounds. Since with a stop at the track, only the driver were allowed to work with available materials on the vehicle, the prescribed since 1923 tool was no longer necessarily be kept in the car. Although it was still only allowed the driver to make repairs, but the carrying of tool has been released to race teams from 1957.


As with the four World Sportscar Championship races that were extended before the 24 -hour race, the factory teams of Ferrari and Maserati were the big favorites at Le Mans. Ferrari brought his four camshaft V12 cars at La Sarthe. Peter Collins, Phil Hill, Mike Hawthorn and Luigi Musso drove the 390 -horsepower 335s. Stuart Lewis -Evans and Martino Severi a 315S. Olivier Gendebien and Maurice Trintignant drove a Ferrari 250TR58, the first Testa Rossa Ferrari at Le Mans. Maserati 300S also brought in addition to the two 4.5-liter 450S to the Sarthe. The driven by Stirling Moss and Harry Schell Zagato coupe was designed by Frank Costin. The Spyder drove Jean Behra and André Simon.

Though Jaguar was represented with no factory team, five Jaguar D -Type were rolled at the start. The British cars had against the top Italian car but only an outside chance. Aston Martin introduced a new design in Le Mans. The brothers Peter and Graham Whitehead drove the new DBR2.

Porsche first launched by the 718 to the 24- hour race. The DKW Monza by Wolfgang Seidel had a body made ​​of plastic.

The race

Jean Behra paid his comeback to the top of the race after a poor start, with a broken clutch, which forced him to give up after 28 rounds. As Stirling Moss lying stopped by 18 clock in the lead with engine failure, the last Maserati had failed with him. At the top of such a high pace was down early in the race that the fastest non-Italian car - the Jaguar D -Type by Ron Flockhart and Ivor Bueb - already two laps down, had at this time on the top. However, Ferrari paid this fast pace with early failures: Peter Collins drove right in the first round of a new lap record to remain lying with engine failure in the second round. As at 19 clock failed the Gendebein / Trintignant Ferrari, suddenly four D- Type Jaguar were in the lead, with the Flockhart / Bueb - car to the top. Except for the cars of the Belgian Equipe Nationale, where Freddy Rousselle lost 55 minutes by repairing the ignition on the Les Hunaudières, and the electrical problems at the Hamilton / Gregory car, ran the Jaguar without problems. At the end of the British brand celebrated one of the greatest triumphs in Le Mans. Among the first six overall, the five D- type. Only the Ferrari of Lewis -Evans and Severi on the fifth overall broke the dominance of Jaguar.


Pilot after Nations

Final ranking

1 not started 2 valve damage in training 3 cylinder damage in training 4 replacement car

Only in the message list

Here are the teams, drivers and vehicles that were originally registered for the competition, but it did not participate for various reasons.

Class winner

Race data

  • Reported: 83
  • Starter: 54
  • Weather during the race weekend: warm and sunny
  • Distance: 13.461 km
  • Honorary starter of the race: Walt Harrington, United States ambassador in Paris
  • Distance of the winning team: 4397.108 km
  • Winners section: 183.217 km / h
  • Fastest race lap: Mike Hawthorn - Ferrari 335s (# 7) - 3.58.700 = 203.015 km / h
  • Race series: 5th round of the World Sportscar Championship