Officine Costruzioni Automobili specializzata, OSCA short, was an Italian manufacturer of cars.

Company History

The Maserati brothers had their old company, Maserati, sold in 1937 to the entrepreneur Adolfo Orsi. However, through an agreement with the new owner they were bound to Maserati ten more years. After this period they founded in 1947 in Bologna, the company Officine Costruzioni Automobili specializzata for the production of automobiles. 1967 production ended.

Rolling stock

There were sports cars and racing cars produced. Most of the vehicles were equipped with four-cylinder engines with displacements 750-2000 cc. Only the 2000 Model S, which was produced from 1952 to 1956, had a six-cylinder engine.

OSCA MT4 1953

1954 OSCA 2000 S

OSCA 1600 GT 2, 1963, the body of Fissore