Società Fusi Ferro, previously A. Fusi & C., SpA, was an Italian manufacturer of motorcycles and automobiles. The brand name was initially Ras, later Fusi.

Company History

Achille Fusi founded in 1932 in Milan, the company A. Fusi & C., SpA, imported motorcycles from FN and began production of motorcycles. After the death of Achille Fusi Luigi Beaux led the company. Later renamed Società Fusi Ferro took place. 1948 was followed by an attempt to accommodate the automobile manufacturing, but failed. 1957 ended motorcycle production.

Rolling stock


The first motorcycles were similar to the models of FN and were of built-in motors JAP powered with 175 cc displacement. From 1933, engines made ​​in Italy were available. 1934, a separate engine with 175 cc displacement and JAP engines of 175 cc, 250 cc and 500 cc capacity was available. 1935 is a prototype of an engine with 250 cc and single overhead camshaft. 1937 tricycle vans were available. For the 1941 published models M 25 and M 25 CFS CFSS was the maximum design speed of 110 km / h or 135 km / h

1948 followed the models M 25 and M 25 CF Sport Lusso CF Super Sport with single-cylinder engines and 250 cc. These models were replaced in 1950 by the M 25 CFS and 1951 by the M 25 CF SS latter was given with 125 km / h.


The only model Aurora 8 1948 presented at the Turin Motor Show. The vehicle with 295 cm wheelbase had independent suspension, a roof made ​​of Plexiglas and had room for six people. The driver's seat was positioned centrally. For driving caused an eight-cylinder in-line engine with 1086 cc and 60 hp. The engine was composed of two four-cylinder engines from the Fiat 500 Topolino. The top speed was given as 125 km / h. The vehicle was not, despite numerous orders in serial production.