Piaggio is a vehicle manufacturer based in Pontedera, Italy. It produces various scooters, including Vespa, the load tricycle Ape and the van Porter.

The Group includes the motorcycle brands Aprilia, Derbi, Gilera, Laverda and Moto Guzzi.

Piaggio worked in its history in different industries. From wood storage networks to shipbuilding, railways, aircraft, it went to the scooters. 2005 with a turnover of 1.5 billion euros, a gain of EUR 37.9 million was achieved. Approximately 7000 employees produced 610,000 vehicles.


Piaggio was founded in 1884 by Rinaldo Piaggio. The foundation stone of this was his father, Enrico Piaggio Cavalier by 1882 a plot of land in Sestri Ponente, Genoa, originally for a lumberyard, purchased.

First, the family Piaggio concentrated on shipbuilding. Later he was transferred to the construction of railway carriages. With advent of aviation Rinaldo Piaggio henceforth turned to the aerospace industry. He found the appropriate engineers and began in 1916 with the aircraft; this, he built a new factory in Pontedera.

Due to the war Piaggio was the late 1930s, very successful, as the Italian army was part of the customer base of the company. During the Second World War, however, the main factory was completely destroyed in Pontedera. After 1945 the victorious powers decided that Piaggio is allowed to make any more armaments. Rinaldo's son, Enrico Piaggio, has now taken over the management of the company.

He observed that in Italy a greater need of affordable transportation was because the mobility had come due to the destruction and reconstruction of Italy to a halt. To address this fact, Piaggio developed a scooter, which he ital 1946 under the name of Vespa [ " Wasp " ] imagined.

In the following years, Enrico Piaggio continuously extended the model range. In 1948 the company before a three-wheeled vans, the Ape [ ital "Bee " ]. In 1957 she presented at the Paris Salon of small cars Vespa 400. Later, four-wheeled vans were added. 1967 followed the model Ciao, a new generation moped which was well received especially among young people.

In 1987 the company took over the Austrian Puch moped manufacturer. In the 1990s, Piaggio launched several scooters that do not run under the label Vespa: Piaggio Hexagon, Piaggio Sfera, Piaggio Skipper, Piaggio Zip.

In 1999, the German Bank through its subsidiary Morgan Grenfell Private Equity for 1.35 trillion lire 80 % of the shares of Piaggio. In 2003, the shareholder structure changed again: the Italian billionaire Roberto Colaninno took over through his investment company Immsi 31.25%, a consortium of 27 creditor banks 37.5 % and 31.25% remained at Morgan Grenfell. Today Immsi spa holds approximately 55 % of the capital to Piaggio.

After Piaggio took over the Spanish two-wheeler manufacturer Derbi 2001, 2004 the famous Italian motorcycle company Aprilia followed ( hence the Laverda brand ) and Moto Guzzi. Meanwhile, Piaggio is the market leader in Rollerbau in Europe. Since 2006, Piaggio has been listed on the stock exchange.

Piaggio Si moped

Piaggio Ape three-wheeler

Piaggio Porter vans

Piaggio Vespa scooters

Piaggio Vespa Rally 200


Currently Piaggio offers four brands: the Vespa brand scooter with self-supporting sheet metal body (PX, LX, GTS), the Piaggio brand ( for example, Piaggio Zip, NRG, TPH), scooter with steel frame and plastic body of 50 to 500 cc, and the athletic Gilera brand with designs that combine motorcycle and scooter elements, as well as Moto Guzzi from Lake Como. With the MP3 scooter a completely new vehicle concept was presented with three wheels in 2006.

  • Ape 50
  • Ape 50 Cross Country
  • Ape A
  • Ape C
  • Ape Car
  • Ape Car Max
  • Ape Classic
  • Ape MP
  • Ape Porter
  • Beverly
  • Carnaby
  • Fly
  • Hexagon
  • Liberty
  • MP3
  • Skipper
  • X7
  • X8
  • X9
  • X10
  • Vespa GTS
  • Vespa LX
  • Vespa PX
  • Vespa S
  • Vespa T5
  • S 50
  • Sfera 80
  • TPH 80
  • Vespa PX 80
  • ET2 50
  • Fly 50 4T
  • Free 50 2T
  • Liberty 50 2T
  • LX 50
  • NRG 50
  • Quartz 50
  • S 50
  • Sfera 50
  • TPH 50
  • Vespa PK 50
  • Zip
  • Boxer 50 2T
  • Bravo 50 2T
  • Ciao 50 2T
  • Grillo 50 2T
  • Si 50 2T

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