Benelli (motorcycles)

The Benelli Q.J. srl is an Italian manufacturer of motorcycles based in Pesaro ( Marche region ).

The company Benelli was established in 1911 in Pesaro, Rimini as a garage Benelli of six brothers. Since 1 October 2005, the company owned by the Chinese two-wheel and engine manufacturer Qianjiang, its products in Europe under the name Keeway are known.

  • 5.1 World Motorcycle Championship
  • 5.2 Motorcycle Championship


Mass production of motorcycles began in 1921. In the motorcycle world championship each won Dario Ambrosini 1950 and Kel Carruthers 1969 in the 250 cc class for the title. 1971 took over the Argentine entrepreneur Alejandro de Tomaso company. In 1974, with the Benelli 750 Be the first mass produced machine presented with a six- cylinder engine. The engine has details in resemblance to the engine of the Honda CB 500 Four on.

Due to lack of demand in the mid -1980s was the production of motorcycles and set in 1992 under the direction of Andrea Merloni resumed, which bought the remnants of the company and the brand name. Merlonis family is a large group of kitchen and Badezimmeraustattungen in Italy. He started the successful production of scooters. In 2002, Benelli Tornado Tre supersports bike in front of the 900, which was powered by a three cylinder engine. Two years later, the Naked Bike TNT ( Tornado Naked Tre ) followed with a ³ to 1,130 cm Displacement enlarged Tornado engine.

On 1 October 2005 the company was sold to the Chinese two-wheel and engine manufacturer Qianjiang. The name " Benelli " will be retained. From 2006, the engines should not be made ​​at Moto Morini in the order, but Benelli in Pesaro itself

Current motorcycle models (as of March 2009)

All current Benelli models are powered by high-performance three-cylinder in-line engines with DOHC control, four valves per cylinder and fuel injection. The basics of this propellant will come from the Laverda Development Department. There are two variants Displacement: 898 cc and 1,130 cc. The bore is great in both 88 mm instead of 49.2 mm, however, has the 1130er version 62 mm stroke. The power is transmitted via a six-speed gearbox and an O -ring chain to the rear wheel. The chassis is generally equipped with a tube frame made ​​of chrome- molybdenum steel and an upside -down fork, the rear wheel takes over at the Tornado an aluminum dual swing arm, while with the TNT and the Trek an intricately welded truss swingarm is made ​​of tubular steel used. Worth mentioning is the installation location of the water cooler; Among the Tornado models this is actually sitting unusual, under the rear frame, in the TNT on both sides adjacent to the cylinder head and the Trek classic front of the engine. For the model year 2007/ 08 the engines were a catalyst and meet the emission standard Euro - third Due to the complete revision of the cylinder head and the fuel injection system, the torque was increased in the lower speed ranges and the consumption reduced.

The general distributor for Germany is no longer in March, but the Karcher Group.

Supersport / superbike

  • Tornado Tre 900 (100 kW/136 hp, 100 Nm, fully adjustable suspension )
  • Tornado Tre 900 LE ( Limited Edition, 100 kW/136 hp, 100 Nm, fully adjustable Öhlins suspension )
  • Tornado Tre RS ( 105 kW/143 hp, 100 Nm, fully adjustable suspension )
  • Tornado Tre 1130 (120 kW/163 hp, 124 Nm, fully adjustable suspension )

Naked Bikes

  • TNT 899S (88 kW/120 hp, 88 Nm, fully adjustable 43 mm fork )
  • TNT Café Racer 899 (88 kW/120 hp, 88 Nm, fully adjustable 43 mm fork )
  • TNT 1130 (95 kW/130 hp, 118 Nm, strut adjustable)
  • TNT Sports (95 kW/130 hp, 118 Nm, fully adjustable suspension )
  • TNT Café Racer ( 95 kW/130 hp, 110 Nm, fully adjustable suspension )
  • TNT Titanium (95 kW/130 hp, 118 Nm, fully adjustable suspension, forged wheels, titanium muffler, various carbon parts )
  • TNT GP Racer ( 95 kW/130 hp, 110 Nm, fully adjustable suspension, various carbon parts ) single - piece
  • TNT carbonium (95 kW/130 hp, 118 Nm, fully adjustable suspension, forged wheels, dry clutch, various carbon parts ) single - piece
  • TNT R160 (114 kW/155 hp, 120 Nm, fully adjustable suspension, hydraulic dry slipper clutch, carbon silencer )

Sport Tourer

  • Trek 899 (80 kW/108 hp, 88 Nm)
  • Trek 1130 (92 kW/125 hp, 115 Nm, strut adjustable)
  • Trek 1130 Amazon ( 92 kW/125 hp, 115 Nm, strut adjustable)

Motorcycles cross

  • BX 499 Cross ( 41 kW/56 hp, 45 Nm, suspension adjustable)
  • BX 499 Enduro


Up for sale to the Chinese manufacturers some scooter models were produced in Italy. All 50 cc models where developed and produced were operated with a two -stroke engine. Partially live Benelli models under the brand name Adiva on. The model Adiva was sold under this brand, the 491 should be as Namura 50 in 2008 with a slightly different equipment available again, but did not come on the market. Some other models were also offered after the takeover by the Chinese manufacturer nor as " Benelli ", but produced in China and equipped with other technique.

The model 491 is a sporty scooter conceived. Available ³ he was with an air - or water-cooled engine with 49 cm. Approximately from 2003 Morini engines were installed in front of the more popular because more powerful and more durable Minarelli engines with an ignition system of Ducati. All models have a powerful disc brake system Grimeca the brand on the front axle. The 491 ST is equipped with an air-cooled engine and rear drum brakes. The 491 SP (Sport) has a water-cooled engine and the braking system of the ST. The model 491 RR ( Racing) has the engine of the SP and a rear disc brake, which is similar to the front brake also 190 mm ​​in diameter. Depending on the model, the 491 is equipped with a sports suspension from Paioli or a standard chassis. Depending on the version and year of the other equipment is only slightly different, for example in the seat, the speedometer instrument, the rim color and the honk and starter button. In addition, there were 491 Replica and the 491 Army as a special model that differ from standard models through a coordinated on the topic of design.

The model K2 differs mainly by a different front and rear panel including other lights of the 491 K2 K2 was as 50 to 49 - and available as a K2 100 with 101.1 cc single-cylinder two -stroke engine.

The Pepe is a 49- cc Großradroller.

The Naked is a 50 - scooters and similar, by design, most of the Piaggio TPH and NRG.

The Velvet Velvet is available as a 125 (Touring ) with 124 cc - and as Velvet 250 with a 249 cc single-cylinder four -stroke engine, as well as Velvet Dusk 400 with a 381- cc engine.

The Adiva is a scooter with folding roof, she was available as Adiva Adiva 125 and 150

After being sold to the Chinese group, the 49x came as the successor to the 491 on the market. The Velvet and Pepe are still available even after the takeover. Added to this was the Caffè Nero, to replace the Velvet 250.


The " Benelli 750 Sei" with 6 cylinders, seen at Schloss castle.

Benelli Adiva

Benelli TNT Café Racer at the Intermot 2004 in Munich

Benelli TNT Café Racer at the Intermot 2004 in Munich

Benelli Tornado Tre 900, 2003 model

Benelli Tornado 1130 model 2006

Benelli Pepe, 2008 Model

Motorcycle Racing

World Motorcycle Championship

Italy Dario Ambrosini ( 1)

  • World champion in the 250 cc class: 1950

Kel Carruthers Australia ( 1)

  • World champion in the 250 cc class: 1969

Motorcycle Championship

In the motorcycle manufacturers reach the European Championship two drivers' titles.

Italy Carlo Baschieri ( 1)

  • European champion in the 175 cc class: 1932

Belgium Yvan Goor ( 1)

  • European champion in the 175 cc class: 1934


1949 Giuseppe Benelli decided to develop a car. Were involved in addition to the weapons factory Benelli Beretta and Count Luigi Castelbarcos, who financed the project. Therefore, the model received the name B.B.C. There was a small sedan with four seats. For the drive made ​​a V2, four-stroke engine with 21 hp. There are various information to Displacement: 500 cc, 600 cc or 750 cc. Although the engine was air-cooled, was located at the front of the vehicle, a grille imitation. The car had front wheel drive. The empty weight was given as 630 kg, and the maximum speed 100 km / h Only two or three prototypes developed. A copy still exists.