DR Motor Company

The DR Motor Company SpA was founded in 2006 by Massimo di Risio with Macchia d' Isernia headquartered in as an automobile manufacturer and is a constituent of the Italian DR Automobiles Groupe.

The car brand is only known in the local area. About participation by large Italian automobile manufacturer, especially Fiat, the brand is also sold unofficially in other EU countries as well as in Southeast Asia. In Italy itself DR engine has heretofore been known only as a motor manufacturer and made off with its self-developed engines in auto racing and automotive imports like the Saleen S7 a name. Entry into the automotive manufacturing founded Massimo di Risio so that this is the natural way of a successful and ambitious company. Accordingly, the company's slogan: Strong passions bear strong initiatives. The components required for the vehicles, all of DR engine produces itself. According to the market perspective of 2008, the famous Italian design company Bertone expressed his interest in the company, but then decided yet for the purchase of another company.

2008 after almost two years of construction, automobile production was recorded. The first vehicles are based on licenses of Chinese car brand Chery and Gonow. As an entry-level model acts of microcars dr first the small cars of the brand, the dr 2 dr 5 The contrast is the five-door SUV model of the brand. The dr 3 is a three-door SUV and represents the top model of the brand. More products of the house for Europe are also the SUV models Katay Gonow Victory and Katay Gonow Troy ( PickUp ).