Lawil S.p.A.

The Lawil SpA is a former Italian automobile manufacturer that existed from 1967 to 1988 and had its headquarters in the town of Pavia. The company originated from the French company, Lambretta and goes back to the idea of Henri Willame (Director ) and the designer Mr Carlo Lavezzari, which wanted to deal not only motorized tricycles and scooters also with the production of passenger cars. Accordingly, the name of education: Lavezzari WILLAME



The Lawil was introduced in April 1967 in Lombard Varzi the world public. It was a 1.78 m long small car in a compact design. The base introduced the Lambretta tricycle manufactured by Innocenti. As motorization, there was a 125 cc version and a 175 cc version. In 1969 the vehicle was extended to a total length of 2.05 m, as was cultivated from now on a trunk. As a driving test was required for the more powerful engine, this was back in 1970 taken from the program. In 1971, the original version of the Lawil was removed from the model program and continued through the S3.

Lawil Farmer / Lawil S3

The Lawil S3 is a compact Italian buggy that was produced and sold from 1968 until 1980. World Premiere had the vehicle in 1968 at the Paris Motor Show. Technically, it was based on the Fiat Nuova 500.

The S3 stood for election in two engine options. As urban beginners S3 acted with a single-cylinder engine, which had a displacement of 123 cc. The better- motorized version of the S3 got a two-stroke engine with 246 cc displacement with an output of 10 kW. Because of its compact body design as the vehicle was Varzina ( in German: Wart ), and was known in the domestic market according unpopular. Greater success registered the model in other European countries.

Benefits of Lawil S3 to other buggies his time was next to the clear instrument panel leather and felt-lined. Even the spare tire on the rear and the hood when Lawil S3 Spider were standard. Some units of the Lawil S3 have also been marketed in Germany. In Switzerland, the vehicle bore the name Lawil Farmer.

Lawil S4 Sedan / Willam Lambretta

A modernized version of the S3 came in 1976 under the name Lawil S4 Sedan on the market. Here only the individual elements such as grille, headlights and indicators were revised stylistically. The engines were taken from the previous. In Italy, the S4 Sedan replaced the S3 and was until 1988 the model range.

Lawil Fourgonette

The Fourgonette based on the S3 and was designed as a panel van, was however offered only in France and was there with great success, which even had the competition of Vespa, Lambretta and Peugeot a chance. For success helped the Fourgonette be cargo space with the Inne room dimensions 105 × 115 × 92 cm, and the ability to carry payload up to 400 kg. While the civilian versions in 1980 disappeared from the product range of the brand Lawil that commercial vehicles were produced until 1988 and exported.


Between 1984 and 1986 the Diavolino was established as a successor to the Lawil S3 in Switzerland.


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