Brendan Perry

Brendan Perry (born 30 June 1959, Whitechapel, London ) is a British musician, singer and multi -instrumentalist. Together with Lisa Gerrard, he formed the duo Dead Can Dance.


Perry is known today primarily for his quiet, multi-ethnic music with Dead Can Dance, but began his musical career in a completely different genre. As a child, he migrated with his parents to Auckland, New Zealand, where he had taught himself to play the guitar. In 1977 he was a member of the New Zealand punk band The Scavengers, in which he appeared under the pseudonym of Ronnie Recent. First, Perry was the bassist of the band, took over in 1978 then the role of the lead singer after the former frontman had left the band.

1979 the band moved to Melbourne and changed its name to The Marching Girls. Perry left the band in 1981 to start with Lisa Gerrard, Simon Monroe and Paul Erikson formation Dead Can Dance, but already one year after the relocation to London in 1982, Dead Can Dance was a duo. On the 4AD label of Ivo Watts Dead Can Dance took to the separation in 1998 to a total of eight albums.

Published in 1999, Perry his solo album Eye of the Hunter, which in addition to their own songs and a cover version of Tim Buckley's piece I Must Have Been Blind. Perry participated in several compilations, for having him covered, inter alia, more songs from Buckley, namely Happy Time and Dream Letter.

Today Brendan Perry lives in Ireland ( Cavan Eire), is head of a Samba School ( Quivvy School of Samba) and are occasionally percussion workshops in the old studio of Dead Can Dance ( Quivvy Church). For two tours in Europe and North America, Dead Can Dance was revived in 2005.

In 2008, Perry separated from the 4AD label.

On March 14, 2010 - and thus before the release of Ark - Perry began a European and South American tour, the latter together with Peter Murphy.



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