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Year of the Earth Rooster己酉(since January 22, before Earth Monkey戊申)

Kōki 2569

Syria: 2220/21 ( the year in October )

  • 3.1 January
  • 3.2 in February
  • 3.3 March
  • 3.4 April
  • 3.5 May
  • 3.6 in June
  • 3.7 in July
  • 3.8 August
  • 3.9 September
  • 3:10 October
  • 3:11 November
  • 3:12 December
  • 3:13 Accurate birth unknown
  • 4.1 First Quarter
  • 4.2 Second Quarter
  • 4.3 Third Quarter
  • 4.4 Fourth Quarter
  • 4.5 More death unknown


Politics and World Affairs

Europe and the Mediterranean

  • The Prussian government has the Inlandslegitimierungszwang to avoid a supposed Polonization.
  • Establishment of the working group Quickbornerheide
  • Naval Scare of 1909 during the German -British fleet arms race.
  • Saarbrücken exceeds 100,000 inhabitants border and is thus a major city.

UK / Thailand


  • March 4: William Howard Taft is introduced as the 27th U.S. president in his office. He replaces Theodore Roosevelt.


  • The colonization of Wadai begins by France.



  • October 21: Nikola Tesla reports to the disc rotor turbine developed by him for a patent.

Business start-ups

  • April: With the establishment of the Anglo-Persian Oil Company, the history of the modern petroleum industry in the Middle East begins.
  • July 30: Eugène Schueller founded the Société française de teinture inoffensives pour cheveux, from the cosmetics company L' Oréal created.


  • March 7: The Congressional Subway takes within the Capitol complex in Washington, DC, to operate on.
  • March 30: The Blackwell's Iceland Bridge ( later Queensboro Bridge ) over the East River is opened for traffic. It connects the boroughs of Manhattan and Queens in New York City.
  • July 6th: Kaiser Wilhelm II and the Swedish King Gustav V open a railway ferry across the Baltic Sea. The first railway train is set to the king line between the Port of Sassnitz and the Swedish Trelleborg by a ferry.

Other economic events

Science and Technology

Polar Research

  • January 9: Ernest Shackleton, Frank Wild, Eric Marshall and Jameson Adams submitted during the Nimrod expedition to Antarctica with 88 ° 23 'S, a new record in the closest approach to one of the two poles of the earth on.
  • January 16: Tannatt William Edgeworth David, Douglas Mawson and Alistair Mackay reach during the Nimrod expedition at 72 ° 15 'S, 155 ° 16'O first time the Antarctic magnetic pole.
  • April 6: The American Robert Edwin Peary reached by its own account the first man to the North Pole, information that is doubtful to this day over again.


  • August 27: The Abri Combe Capelle in the French department of Dordogne is found during excavations of the man of Combe Capelle. The skeleton discovered is dated in the lower Aurignacian and is therefore at least 28,000 years old.
  • August 30: The U.S. paleontologist Charles Walcott discovered in British Columbia, Canada fossils in the Burgess Shale. This fossil site provides insights into the time of the Cambrian period about 505 million years ago.


  • Andrija Mohorovičić discovered that the Earth's mantle has a greater density than the Earth's crust. The boundary between the two is named after him Mohorovičić discontinuity.

Particle Physics

  • Ernest Rutherford characterizes the alpha, beta and gamma radiation.
  • Hans Geiger and Ernest Marsden investigate the scattering of alpha particles of atoms in thin metal films with the scintillation method for the first time.


  • The German Paul Ehrlich applies the chemotherapy for the first time.


  • January 23: The passenger ship Republic comes after a collision in fog with another vessel in distress and sets from the first remote telegraphic emergency.
  • June 20: In Vienna, carried out by Emperor Franz Joseph I, the foundation stone was laid for the Technical Museum of Industry and Trade.
  • JULY 25: The Frenchman Louis Blériot crossed the English Channel with his monoplane Blériot XI became the first man in an airplane.


Fine Arts

George Wesley Bellows: Blue Morning

Henri Rousseau: Jungle at the equator

  • Kunsthalle Baden -Baden
  • Establishment of the New Artists ' Association of Munich
  • Opening of the Kunstmuseum Mülheim an der Ruhr


  • The Lonely Villa by David W. Griffith ( USA) introduces the parallel montage.