J. Caleb Boggs

James Caleb " Cale " Boggs ( born May 15, 1909 in Cheswold, Delaware, † March 26, 1993 in Wilmington, Delaware ) was an American politician and 1953-1960 Governor of the State of Delaware. He also represented his country in both chambers of the U.S. Congress.

Early years

Cale Boggs attended the public schools of his home. Until 1931, he then studied at the University of Delaware. After a subsequent law degree from the Georgetown University in Washington, he was admitted in 1938 as a lawyer. He then worked at Dover in his new profession. Boggs also received the right to litigate both in the Supreme Court of Delaware as well as before the Supreme Court of the United States. During the Second World War he served as Colonel in the European theater of war, where he was temporarily under the command of General George S. Patton. After his return to the United States in 1946, he was an Associate Justice on a Family Court in New Castle County.

Political career


James Boggs was a member of the Republican Party. In 1946 he was elected as a candidate of his party against the Democratic incumbent Philip A. Traynor with 56% of the vote in the U.S. House of Representatives. In 1948 and 1950 he was confirmed in each case in this office. Thus he represented between January 1947 and January 3, 1953 3 the interests of his state in Congress.


In the gubernatorial election of 1952 succeeded Boggs to beat the incumbent Elbert N. Carvel. After a re-election in 1956 he was able to complete almost two full terms as governor. In his nearly eight years in office, some government departments have been restructured. Boggs also supported the idea of ​​giving the municipalities more authority. In addition, at that time, some school districts were merged. A hot topic in his reign was the inclusion of African-American children in regular schools along with the white students ( desegregation ).

U.S. Senator

In November 1960 Cale Boggs was elected to the incumbent Joseph Allen Frear as a Class 3 senator in the U.S. Senate. For this reason he joined on 30 December 1960 back two weeks before the end of the regular term of office as governor. Boggs took up his new mandate in Congress on January 3, 1961, was for a re-election in 1966 until January 3, 1973 to exercise his office. In the congressional elections of 1972 he was defeated by Joe Biden, who should be Vice President of the United States in January 2009.

Further CV

After the end of his time in Congress, Boggs has worked as a lawyer in Wilmington. He died in March 1993., With his wife Elizabeth Muir he had two children.