December 24

December 24 is the 358th day of the Gregorian Calendar ( 359th in leap years), thus seven days remain until the end of the year. Christmas Eve: On December 24, Christians commemorate many denominations around the world the birth of Jesus Christ.

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Politics and World Affairs

  • 0805: In Diedenhofener Kapitular Karl prohibits the Great said in cities trade in arms with the Slavs.
  • 1726: The city of Montevideo was founded by the Portuguese.
  • 1777: James Cook discovered on his third voyage an island, which he called Christmas Island.
  • 1794: The Weavers' Revolt against the publishing system in the free imperial city of Augsburg is precipitated by the use of Württemberg troops.
  • 1794: After the fall of the Jacobins in the French Revolution the maximum laws enacted by them are hereby repealed.


Science and Technology



  • 0640: John IV was elected pope.
  • 1046: The Synod of Sutri selects the German Bishops Suitger to the Pope, who takes the name of Clement II.


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Before the 18th century

  • 3 BC: Galba, Roman Emperor
  • 1167: John Lackland, King of England, youngest brother of Richard the Lionheart
  • 1475: Thomas Murner, German theologian and writer
  • 1525: Rochus to Lynar, Italian military architect and military
  • 1549: Caspar Ulenberg, German theologian, Bible translator, poet and composer
  • 1597: Honoré II, Prince of Monaco
  • 1625: Johann Rudolph Ahle, German composer, organist, poet, evangelical church musician
  • 1637: Wolfgang Gundling, German, Protestant preacher, deacon and chapter Dean and ecclesiastical writers
  • 1654: Andreas Gärtner (Sorbian Handrij Zahrodnik ), Elector of Saxony Model Master, scientist and inventor

18th century

19th century

20th century




Before the 20th century

20th century

21st Century

  • 2001: Max Bignens, Swiss set and costume designer
  • 2001: Harvey Martin, U.S. American football player
  • 2001: Friedrich Rau, German lawyer and politician
  • 2002: Mohammed Al- Fassi, a Saudi - Moroccan businessman
  • 2002: Anatol Feid, German priest and peace activist
  • 2002: Hermann Kochanek, Divine Word Missionary and Professor of Pastoral Theology
  • 2002: Dolores Vieser, Austrian writer and narrator
  • 2003: Fritz Buchthal, German - Danish neurophysiologist
  • 2003: Didier Rimaud, French poet and composer
  • 2003: Hans Schickelgruber, Austrian politician
  • 2003: Wolfgang Wilmann, German physician and university professor
  • 2004: Johnny Oates, American baseball player
  • 2004: Helmut Palmer, German civil rights activist and Pomologe
  • 2004: Lauri Silvennoinen, Finnish cross-country skiers
  • 2004: José R. Somoza, Nicaraguan General
  • 2004: Jan van Vlijmen, Dutch composer
  • 2005: Georg Johannesen, Norwegian writer, translator, painter and politician
  • 2005: Harold Lawton, British Frankoromanist
  • 2005: Michael Vale, American actor
  • 2006: Kenneth Sivertsen, Norwegian guitarist and songwriter and jazz singer, composer and humorist
  • 2006: Nerses Nersessian The, Armenian Archbishop
  • 2007: Jan Daniec, Polish footballer
  • 2007: Reinhard Hess, German ski coach
  • 2007: Michael B. Klein, American entrepreneur
  • 2007: Andreas Matzbacher, Austrian cyclist
  • 2007: George Warrington, American Railway Manager
  • 2008: Samuel P. Huntington, American political scientist and author
  • 2008: Manfred Karnetzki, Protestant theologian, journalist and peace activist
  • 2008: Otto Lange, German painter and musician

Holidays and observances

  • Religious observances Christmas Eve
  • Adam and Eve, first parents of mankind (Protestant, Roman Catholic)
  • Mathilda Wrede, Finnish benefactress ( Protestant)
  • Name Days Adam, Adele, Eva, Manuel

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