Dan Miller (Canadian politician)

Arthur Daniel " Dan " Miller ( born December 24, 1944 in Port Alice ) is a Canadian politician. He was on August 25, 1999 to February 24, 2000 Prime Minister of the Province of British Columbia and Chair of the British Columbia New Democratic Party (NDP ).


A trained mechanical engineer has been elected to the constituency Prince Rupert in the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia in October 1986. In the cabinets of Prime Minister Michael Harcourt and Glen Clark, he led several key ministries such as forestry, education, work and energy. 1992 he was appointed Vice Premier Harcourt.

On August 25, 1999 Glen Clark came surprisingly back as prime minister, after had been accused of criminal acts in connection with the suspicious appearing granting of a casino license. The NDP held a Eilparteitag and chose Miller as interim party leader. He ran for half a year, the business of government and entered on February 24, 2000, the Office of the Prime Minister Ujjal Dosanjh on from which a National Convention had elected chairman.

Miller retired soon afterwards from politics. He has since been active in the management of various pipeline and forestry companies. In 2005 he was engaged by the provincial government as a consultant for the development of oil and gas rigs.