Alexander Edmund Batson Davie

Alexander Edmund Batson Davie, QC (born 24 November 1847 Wells, Somerset; † August 1st, 1889 in Victoria, usually referred to as AEB Davie ) was a Canadian politician and lawyer. From 29 March 1887 until his death, he was prime minister of British Columbia. His younger brother Theodore Davie was after him, also head of government of this province.


Davie went to school in Wakefield. In 1862 he emigrated with his father and three brothers to Canada. The Davies were among the first Europeans who settled in the valley of the Cowichan River. The rest of the family followed in 1867. Davie was trained as a lawyer (which lack no higher university degree was necessary at that time). In 1873 he was admitted as a barrister and was the first who had received his legal education entirely on Vancouver Iceland.

From 1872 to 1874 legal Davie was an employee of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia. In 1874, he joined the Freemasons. In October 1875, he was himself elected to the provincial legislature, as deputy of the constituency Cariboo (at that time there were no parties). He initially supported Prime Minister George Anthony Walkem, then joined the opposition but soon to. Andrew Charles Elliott offered him in May 1877 at a ministerial post, but just one month later Davie lost his seat at the prescribed election in July 1882 Davie was re-elected, this time in the constituency Lillooet. In William Smithes Cabinet he was Attorney General. In 1884, he successfully represented the view that the provinces are likely to regulate the sale of alcohol itself before the Supreme Court of Canada.

After Smithes death Deputy Governor Hugh Nelson Davie appointed on 29 March 1887, regarding the new prime minister. The Office of the Attorney General, he continued to practice from. A little later he became seriously ill and was forced in October 1887 to go to California for a cure. During his six month absence John Robson led government affairs and held Davie with a lively correspondence contact up to date. When he returned, his health had hardly improved. Canadian Prime Minister John Thompson offered him the appointment as chief judge, but he had to decline. Davie passed away 41 - year term of office.