Lillooet (British Columbia)

Lillooet is a community in the Squamish - Lillooet District in British Columbia, Canada. The village lies at the confluence of the Seton River in the Fraser River. Lillooet already lies in the rain shadow of the Coast Mountains and has only 260 millimeters of rainfall annually.


The site was created by the gold rush of 1858, when, met here the canoe route over the Harrison Lake, a route that skirted the Fraser Canyon on the Fraser. At the boom times of the Gold Rush in Lillooet to have had 20,000 inhabitants.

1912 was the place a rail connection through the Canadian Pacific Railway.

In addition to several buildings from the pioneer era is above the village of Hangingman tree, a pine, Matthew Baillie Begbie on the judge alleged offender has hanged. In the former Anglican church is a small museum of gold rush history and the construction of the railway. Opposite the museum is the 0 miles stone, here began the road to the north, the Mile House led over places like 100. The bridge over the Fraser wears since its opening in 1981 called The Bridge of the 23 Camels in memory of the 23 camels that were imported as transport animals during the Gold Rush, but not proven. The suspension bridge from 1913, a construction of steel and wood, is called since the " The Old Bridge" and is closed to motorized traffic.


The census in 2011 showed a population of 2,322 inhabitants of the district municipality. The city's population has thereby decreased compared to the census of 2006, only 0.1%, while the population in the province of British Columbia at the same time grew by 7.0%.


In Chemainus from the south coming Highway 12 Furthermore ends happens from the west of Highway 99 the place. This then runs for about 80 km further west before it ends in Cache Creek.

Through the church today runs a railroad line of the Canadian National Railway.

Approximately 2 kilometers east-south -east of the town lies the airfield of Lillooet ( ICAO code: CYLI ). The airport has only one paved runway, and runway length of 1,216 meters.