Coast Mountains


Location of the Coast Mountains in North America

The Coast Mountains (Eng. "Coast Mountains" ) are a mountain range in Canada. They extend north of the Cascade Range mostly along the Canadian Pacific coast to the Alaska Panhandle. The Fraser River, the longest river in British Columbia, forms the southern boundary.


The Coast Mountains are a mountain range about 85 million years old. They were formed from flat granite hills that were folded by plate tectonics. Magma penetrated between the plates and moving them north. Cracks Magma succeeded to the earth's surface, forming volcanoes. In a few million years, the coastal hills were transformed into mountains. The densely wooded and broken by numerous fjords mountain range is about 1,600 km long and on average 200 km wide. The highest point is Mount Waddington with 4019 meters. The surrounding the Silver Throne Mountain Ha - Iltzuk Icefield is the largest icefield of the Coast Mountains. The coastal mountain range forms a part of the series of contiguous mountain ranges in the North American Pacific. These mountain ranges extend from the Alaska Range on the Elias chain, the Cascade Range and the Sierra Nevada to the Sierra Madre Occidental in Mexico.

Notable Hills

  • Mount Waddington ( 4019 m)
  • Monarch Mountain ( 3555 m)
  • Mount Queen Bess ( 3298 m)
  • Razorback Mountain ( 3183 m)
  • Mount Ratz ( 3090 m)
  • Scud Peak ( 2987 m)
  • Skihist Mountain ( 2968 m)
  • Wedge Mountain ( 2892 m)
  • Mount Silver Throne ( 2860 m)
  • Otter Mountain ( 2692 m)

Further subdivision

The Coast Mountains are divided into several mountain ranges:

  • The Boundary Ranges extend along the border between British Columbia and Alaska from the mouth of the Nass River to the Chilkoot Pass.
  • The Kitimat Ranges between the Naas River and the village of Bella Coola.
  • The Pacific Ranges between Bella Coola and the Lower Mainland.
  • The Chilcotin Ranges from Klinaklini River to the mouth of the River Bridge in the Fraser River.
  • The Lillooet Ranges between the Harrison - Lillooet basin and the Fraser River.
  • The front rank to which the North Shore Mountains north of Vancouver and the bumps are on the Sunshine Coast.