Mount Silverthrone


Silver Throne Mountain ( also Mount Silver Throne ) is the highest peak of the Silver Throne - caldera rises about 70 kilometers west of Mount Waddington, the highest peak in the Canadian Coast Mountains. The surrounding the Silver Throne Mountain Ha - Iltzuk Icefield is the largest icefield south of the Coast Mountains of the Alaska Panhandle.


Due to its remote location, the volcano has so far been scarcely researched. The source of information on his height ranging from 2,865 meters to 3,160 meters above sea level. The latter would make the Silver Throne Mountain to the highest volcano of Canada. Many of the current topographic maps indicate, however, the height of about 2,865 m ( 9,400 feet) on. The summit area is permanently covered by ice and snow. Therefore, the exact position of the highest point consisting of rock could not be accurately determined.

The entire Caldera rejected most eruptions in the period before 500,000 to 100,000 years ago to. Many of the lava domes and basaltic andesite from smaller volcanic cones are, however, emerged rather recently and are still active.

Mount Silver Throne is most likely the most glaciated volcano in southwestern British Columbia. It has 975 meters, the largest Vertical separation in the southwest of the province.


Silver Throne translates as silver throne. The name probably comes from the sight of the large ice field, which covered the mountain. Silver Throne Mountain is the official name, where he is often called Mount Silver Throne. A peak in the Alaska Range has the same name.