Saint Elias Mountains


Mount Logan

Mount Saint Elias

The Elias chain (English Saint Elias Mountains and Saint Elias Range) is the highest, heavily glaciated part of the North American Coast Ranges, located more than 400 km extends from southeast Alaska through the Yukon to the extreme northwestern British Columbia, and forms the watershed between the Yukon River and Pacific Ocean. The National Park Wrangell-St Elias and Kluane lie partly, the Glacier Bay National Park completely in the Elias chain.

The glaciers of Elias chain form with an extension of 380 km after the polar ice caps, the largest ice field of the earth. The opening into the Gulf of Alaska Malaspina Glacier is the largest glacier in North America. Mount Logan is the highest mountain in Canada and after Mount McKinley is the second highest in North America.

Is named the mountain after the Prophet Elias.