North Shore Mountains

The North Shore Mountains are a mountain range in southwestern British Columbia, Canada. They are located just north of the metropolitan area Metro Vancouver and form the southernmost part of the Coast Mountains. Your name refers to the location on the north shore (English northshore ) of the fjord Burrard Inlet, directly opposite the city of Vancouver. The mountain range is bounded on the west by the Howe Sound in the north and northeast by the Garibaldi Ranges and on the east by another fjord, the Indian arm.

On the shores of Burrard Inlet, the three " North Shore communities," North Vancouver, West Vancouver and District of North Vancouver. Three deeply incised river valleys divide the North Shore Mountains, the Capilano River, Lynn River and the Seymour River. The source area is strictly protected and may only be entered in exceptional cases. Despite its relatively low altitude (up to almost 1800 m above sea level. NN ) the mountains are very steep and in places inaccessible. The climatic conditions contrast strongly with those in nearby Vancouver, where the rainfall is significantly lower and the weather is less variable.

Due to their proximity to the city Vancouver North Shore Mountains are a popular recreational area in which lie to the Mount Seymour Provincial Park, Indian Arm Provincial Park and Cypress Provincial Park three provincial parks. Through the wooded slopes to an extensive network of hiking trails, mountain bike paths attracts; after the mountain range the North Shore trails are named. At Mount Seymour, on Grouse Mountain and Cypress Mountain ski area can be operated ( Alpine Skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing ).

Highest mountain in the North Shore Mountains is Brunswick Mountain, whose summit on 1788 meters above sea level. MSL. The best known, however, is The Lions (1646 m); on the summit ridge projecting two high rocks into the air that look from a distance like two lions' heads.