Cowichan River


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The Cowichan River is a river on Vancouver Iceland and flows from the Cowichan Lake surrounding by mountains coming southeast over a distance of 47 km through forests and fields to a wide estuary in the Cowichan Bay near the town of Duncan.

The word " Cowichan " comes from " Khowutzun " from the language of Küstensalish and means " heated by the sun country." There are winter little ice on the river.

The area where the tides exposed is a wintering area for thousands of waterfowl, while salmon and trout shed their spawn in the upper reaches of the river and its tributaries. This ensured a sufficient supply of food for the natives and the river was a key city for the Küstensalish. Today the river is home to the Lake Cowichan First Nation and a resort for the nearby communities. Originally stood at the mouth of a village called Lyackson T'aat'ka7

A path leads along the entire river length and by a 20 km long park can fish in the river, swimming and canoeing.

Since 2004, the Cowichan River is a Canadian Heritage River.