Campbell River (Vancouver Island)


The Campbell River is a river in the north of Iceland Vancouver in the Canadian province of British Columbia.

The river flows in the same city in the Discovery Passage at the northwestern end of the Strait of Georgia. The Kwak'wala - name for the river and for the settlement near its mouth is, Tla'mataxw.

The river forms the outlet of Upper Campbell Lake. It flows predominantly in an easterly direction. He flows through the Campbell Lake. He eventually forms an estuary before flowing into the Discovery Passage.

This estuary is home to all five species of salmon ( chinook salmon, coho salmon, pink salmon, chum salmon and sockeye salmon ) and sea trout ( steelhead and cutthroat ). The Campbell River has the status of a British Columbia Heritage River.

Origin of the name

The river was named after Dr. Samuel Campbell, who was from 1857 to 1861 ship's surgeon on the HMS Plumper. Campbell Bay on Mayne Iceland Iceland and Samuel were also named after him. Moreover, even Campbell Point on Loughborough Inlet and Campbell Iceland, on which the settlement Bella Bella is located.