Bella Coola River


The Bella Coola River is a major river on the Pacific side of the Coast Mountains in southern British Columbia in Canada.

The location of Bella Coola, which represents the historical and former center of the Nuxalk - people, located at the mouth of the river in the North Bentinck Arm.

The Bella Coola River is actually only the lower reaches of a much larger stream, which at various points changing its name. The main source of the river is Atnarko River. A few miles above the town Bella Coola, at the confluence of Burnt Bridge Creek and Talchako River with the Atnarko River, the river official name change to Bella Coola River. The river forms the northern boundary of that subset of the Coast Mountains, which is known as the Pacific Ranges; The great volcano shield and the plateau of the Rainbow Range is located immediately north and east of the Atnarko River, while the Kitimat Ranges are beyond them and the Dean River, considered to be among the Pacific Ranges.