Harlan Carey Brewster

Harlan Carey Brewster ( born November 10, 1870 in Harvey, New Brunswick, † March 1, 1918 in Calgary ) was a Canadian politician. From 1912 until his death he was chairman of the British Columbia Liberal Party, as of November 23, 1916 Prime Minister of the Province of British Columbia.


In its original home in New Brunswick Brewster worked in the yard of his father, and later as a printer in Boston. In 1893, he moved to British Columbia and worked as a purser on a coastal steamer, as well as a post office manager on Meares Iceland. In 1902 he was involved in the founding of the fish processing plant Clayoquot Sound Canning Company, and later was the manager.

Brewster was elected to the constituency Alberni in elections to the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia in November 1909, the same year he joined the Freemasons. Without success, he stood as a candidate in March 1912 against the incumbent Conservative Prime Minister Richard McBride. Not a single Liberal managed to get elected. After this heavy defeat the Liberals Brewster specific to the new party chairman. With the victory in a by-election in March 1916, he moved back into the provincial parliament and in September 1916 he led his party to a clear victory.

On November 23, 1916 Brewster went to the office of Prime Minister. His government introduced at the provincial level, a women's suffrage and the alcohol prohibition. As the Minister of Finance in February 1917, died Brewster also took over its responsibilities. End of February 1918 he was in Ottawa at a conference of the Canadian Government. On his return journey he contracted pneumonia and died in a hospital in Calgary.