British Columbia Liberal Party

The British Columbia Liberal Party (French Parti de la Colombie - Britannique libéral ), also referred to as the BC Liberals, is a liberal political party in the Canadian province of British Columbia. It is organizationally independent of the federal party, the Liberal Party of Canada, and covers a wider political spectrum to the right, as in the province, there is no appreciable Conservative Party. Nevertheless, it often happens that politicians are both in the province as well as in the Federal Party member, whereby also many members of the Conservative Party of Canada belong. Party Chairman is Christy Clark, the reigning Premier of the province. Since the elections on May 12, 2009 represent the Liberals 49 out of 85 deputies in the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia.


Following the accession of British Columbia to the Canadian Confederation in 1871, the political system of the province had no political parties during more than three decades. This changed in 1903 when the newly elected Prime Minister Richard McBride, the British Columbia Conservative Party founded. That same year saw the establishment of the British Columbia Liberal Party. This was initially in the opposition and in 1912, despite a voter share of over a quarter of a single seat in parliament.

1916 formed the Liberals after a landslide victory at Harlan Carey Brewster for the first time the government. Brewster introduced a women's suffrage and Prohibition and fought corruption. After his death in 1918 John Oliver took over the office. Although Oliver lost his own parliamentary seat in 1924, but remained in office until 1927 and was succeeded by John Duncan MacLean. MacLean suffered a defeat in the 1928 elections.

The Conservatives could not cope with the social problems of the world economic crisis and were divided into several groups. Thomas Dufferin Pattullo led the Liberals in 1933 to an overwhelming election victory. During his tenure Pattullo ran a partial social democratic policies, which often led to conflicts with the federal party and the federal government under William Lyon Mackenzie King. He refused in 1941 to form a coalition with the Conservatives and was replaced by John Hart. In 1947 Byron Ingemar Johnson Hart followed.

When the Conservatives left the coalition in 1952, the government broke apart. In the subsequent elections, both parties suffered a crushing defeat. The share of the vote of the Liberals initially leveled off by 20 %, so each could only win a few seats the party. The mid-1970s began a rapid decay; In 1979, the Liberal Party, with a share of 0.47 % their lowest point and was on the verge of dissolution.

Under Gordon Wilson began to rise again in 1987, favored by numerous scandals of the ruling British Columbia Social Credit Party. Many liberal and reform-minded voters turned away from the Social Credit Party and now supported the Liberal Party. After a break of twelve years, the Liberals were again represented in parliament since 1991 and established themselves as competition to the social democratic British Columbia New Democratic Party (NDP ).

In 1993, Gordon Campbell, Mayor of Vancouver, the post of party leader and under his leadership put the Liberals continued their ascent. In the 1996 elections, the Liberal Party, although after almost 50 years back voter strongest party was, but won due to distortions of the electoral system less seats than the NDP. After the government of the NDP was rocked by several scandals, the Liberal Party in 2001 scored the biggest victory in the history of the province; with a share of the vote of 57.62 % they won in 77 of 79 constituencies. With a much reduced majority Liberal government was confirmed in 2005 and 2008. In March 2011, Christy Clark Campbell took over from as prime minister and party chairman.

Election results

1 electoral alliance with the British Columbia Conservative Party

Party chairman

P = Prime Minister

  • James Alexander MacDonald ( October 1903 - October 1909 )
  • John Oliver ( October 1909 - March 1912 )
  • Harlan Carey Brewster ( March 1912 - March 1 1918) P
  • John Oliver (March 1, 1918 - August 17, 1927 ) P
  • John Duncan MacLean (August 17, 1927 - October 1928 ) P
  • Thomas Dufferin Pattullo ( January 1929 - December 9, 1941 ) P
  • John Hart (December 9, 1941 - December 29, 1947 ) P
  • Byron Ingemar Johnson (December 29, 1947 - April 1953 ) P
  • Arthur Laing ( April 1953 - April 1959 )
  • Ray Perrault (May 1959 - May 1968 )
  • Patrick McGeer ( October 1968 - MAY 22, 1972)
  • David Anderson (May 22, 1972 - September 28, 1975 )
  • Gordon Gibson (September 28, 1975 - February 19, 1979 )
  • Jev Tothill (19 February 1979 - April 1981)
  • Shirley McLoughlin (25 May 1981 - August 1984)
  • Art Lee (31 March 1984 - February 1987)
  • Gordon Wilson (October 30, 1987 - September 11, 1993 )
  • Gordon Campbell (September 11, 1993 - March 14, 2011 ) P
  • Christy Clark ( since March 14, 2011) P