John Duncan MacLean

John Duncan MacLean ( born December 8, 1873 in Culloden, Prince Edward Iceland, † March 28, 1948 in Ottawa ) was a Canadian politician, teacher and doctor. From 20 August 1927 to 21 August 1928, he was Prime Minister of the Province of British Columbia and Chair of the British Columbia Liberal Party.


MacLean worked on a farm on Prince Edward Iceland, but then moved in 1892 to the west. He was for some years Rectors in Rossland in 1896 and joined the Masons at. Later, he went to McGill University in Montreal, made in 1905 with a degree in medicine and practiced in Greenwood. In September 1916 MacLean was elected to the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia and was a member of the provincial government, first as Minister of Education from 1924 as Minister of Finance.

Prime Minister John Oliver died on August 17, 1927, MacLean came three days later his successor as party leader and head of government. In the elections on 18 June 1928, the Liberals were defeated and MacLean resigned on 21 August from all offices. In the same year he was a candidate at a lower house by-election, but was defeated by less than a hundred votes. The rest of his life he spent in Ottawa as chairman of the Canadian Department of Agriculture loans.