John Oliver (politician)

John Oliver ( born July 31, 1856 in Hartington, England; † August 17, 1927 in Victoria ) was a Canadian politician and farmer. March 6, 1918 until his death, he was prime minister of the Province of British Columbia and chairman of the British Columbia Liberal Party.


Oliver grew up in the English county of Derbyshire. At age eleven, he left school to work in a lead mine. When they graduated, his family immigrated to Ontario from 1870. Seven years later he moved on to British Columbia and built near a farm in Surrey. In 1882 he gave his side income as a tax collector on, sold his land and bought a farm in Delta.

In June 1900, Oliver was elected to the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia and was once leader of the opposition ( in the province at that time there were no political parties ). In 1903, he joined the newly founded British Columbia Liberal Party. In November 1909 he lost his seat, but managed in July 1916 re-election. In Harlan Carey Brewster's cabinet was Oliver Minister of Agriculture and railways.

Brewster died on 1 March 1918. Four days later, Oliver was elected party chairman and took over on March 6, the Office of the Prime Minister. His government promoted agriculture in the Okanagan, expanded its health and education and improved labor legislation. In the elections in June 1924, the Liberals suffered losses and Oliver could only be maintained by a coalition government in power.

1927 Oliver died in office; at that time he was the oldest head of government in Canada. Named after him are the place and Mount Oliver John Oliver in the Cariboo Mountains.