William John Bowser

William John Bowser ( born December 3, 1867 in Rexton, New Brunswick, † October 25, 1933 in Vancouver ) was a Canadian politician and lawyer. He was on 15 December 1915 to the November 23, 1916 Prime Minister of the Province of British Columbia and Chair of the British Columbia Conservative Party.


Bowser studied law at Dalhousie University in Halifax in 1890 and was admitted to the bar. In 1891 he moved to Vancouver and opened an office there. In 1895 he joined the Freemasons, and in October 1903 he was elected to the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia. In the reign of Richard McBride, with whom he had studied together, he served as Attorney General from 1907. After McBride's resignation on December 15, 1915 certain Lieutenant Governor Francis Stillman Barnard Bowser to the Prime Minister, who also took over the party chairmanship on the same day.

The Conservatives were divided and unpopular among the population, as commemorated by the change in the party leadership did not change. More and more allegations of corruption have been raised and the government ignored demands for women's suffrage and alcohol prohibition. In the elections in September 1916, the Conservatives were defeated, Bowser led the official duties continue until November 23. After that, he was leader of the opposition until he lost his seat in June 1924. In 1933 he returned to politics. He led a group of independent candidates, but died during the campaign.