John Hart (Canadian politician)

John Hart ( born March 31, 1879 in Mohill, County Leitrim, Ireland, † April 7, 1957 in Victoria ) was a Canadian politician and businessman. 9 December 1941 to 29 December 1947, he was Prime Minister of the Province of British Columbia and Chair of the British Columbia Liberal Party.


1898 emigrated Hard to Canada, worked in a bank in Victoria and established in 1909 a private finance company named Gillespie, Hart and Co. He joined the British Columbia Liberal Party and became in the elections in September 1916 as a member of the electoral district of Victoria in the Legislative Assembly chosen from British Columbia, where he belonged for 31 years continuously. From 1917 to 1924, and from 1933 he was finance minister of the province.

In the elections on 21 October 1941, the Liberals were able to win a majority of seats. In contrast to Prime Minister Thomas Dufferin Pattullo Hart was ready to form a coalition government with the British Columbia Conservative Party. This is to keep the socialist Co-operative Commonwealth Federation from power managed. Hart came to the Office of the Prime Minister on 9 December 1941 and was still finance minister. In the elections of 1945, the coalition government said.

After the end of World War II Hart's government gave extensive infrastructure works in order, it created new power stations and main roads. The most elaborate project was the 400- km long Highway 97 between Prince George and Dawson Creek, which now bears his name. On December 29, 1947 Hart stepped back and resumed his former occupation. In 1957 he died at the age of 78 years.