Prince George (British Columbia)

Prince George is a city in the Canadian province of British Columbia. It is the largest city in the province, which is not in the south, near the U.S. border ( metropolitan Vancouver, Vancouver Iceland ). Therefore, it represents the main center for the vast, sparsely populated northern British Columbia dar. Prince George is the administrative headquarters of the Fraser -Fort George Regional District.


The city is located in the geographical center of British Columbia, at the mouth of the Nechako River in the Fraser River. The city covers an area of 316 km ² and the center is located at an altitude of 575 m.


The origins of Prince George are in a company founded by the explorer and fur trader Simon Fraser in 1807 fur-trading post called Fort George. 1914 the railroad reached the town. The following year, the city received a local self-government and called himself now to Prince George, 1st Duke of Kent City of Prince George. Since 1994, the city is the seat of a university, the University of Northern British Columbia.


The census in 2011 showed a population of 71 974 inhabitants for the community. The city's population has thereby decreased compared to the census of 2006 at 1.4%, while the population in British Columbia grew by 7.0 % at the same time. In the census region Prince George ( Census agglomeration of Prince George ) 84 230 inhabitants.

Education and Research

In addition to the existing since 1969 College of New Caledonia, the University of Northern British Columbia was founded in 1994. There is an exchange program with the University of Bonn and the University of the Saarland.


The most important economic mainstay in the city is the woodworking industry (forestry, sawmills, plywood manufacturing, paper production).


Prince George is located on the northern section of the Trans-Canada Highway (Highway 16), which passes through the site in an east-west direction. In a north-south direction of Highway 97 passes the city.

Furthermore, the place is connected by its airport Prince George with the rest of the province. The main connection to Vancouver. Flights to other provinces or abroad are generally not included in the timetable.

Also connects a range of CN Rail the place with Prince Rupert on the coast and the hinterland. VIA Rail Canada also has a holding point for his train The Skenna in the city. Where The Skeena these trains name officially no longer causes since 2009, since then, VIA Rail Canada, almost all trains name was deleted. The train runs but still three times a week in both directions.