December 25

December 25 is the 359th day of the Gregorian Calendar ( 360th in leap years), thus six days remain until the end of the year. As a Christian holiday December 25 is observed internationally Christmas. There is a second Christmas Day in some states, the term Christmas Day is in use.

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Politics and World Affairs

  • 0036: With the surrender of the last apostate city of Chengdu, China is united under Emperor Han Guangwu from the Han Dynasty. Thus, the Eastern Han Dynasty begins.
  • 0800: restorations imperii: In Rome is Charlemagne, king of the Frankish Empire by Pope Leo III. crowned emperor.
  • 0820: The Byzantine Emperor Leo V is murdered in the palace chapel of conspirators. The retrieved from the prison Michael II succeeds to the throne.
  • 0875: Charles the Bald was crowned in Rome by Pope John VII to the emperor.
  • 0967: Otto II is in the presence of his father Otto I by Pope John XIII. crowned as co-emperor of the Holy Roman Empire.
  • 0983: Otto III. is crowned at Aachen by the archbishops of Mainz and Ravenna to the German king. For the three- year-olds own children crown is made ​​for this purpose.
  • 1013: Sven Forkbeard is recognized as an English king. When he dies after he after 40 days on February 3, 1014, ending the shortest reign of an English king.
  • 1046: The previously selected on the day of Pope Clement II crowned the German imperial couple Henry III. and Agnes of Poitou.
  • 1066: The Norman Duke William is crowned after the conquest of England in London's Westminster Abbey to the king of England.
  • 1076: Boleslaw II the Bold is crowned King of Poland.


Science and Technology



  • 2009: The Nigerian Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab tried to end the Northwest Airlines Flight 253 en route from Amsterdam to Detroit shortly before landing due to the ignition of explosive terrorist. The culprit is overpowered by passengers.


  • 0274: Under Emperor Aurelian, the Romans celebrate the first birthday of the sun god Sol Invictus. There are opinions that this could be the root of Christmas.
  • 0336: After the Roman historian Furius Dionysius Chronograph Filocalus from the year 354 was first celebrated on this day proven in the West, the festival to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.
  • 0498: Clovis I, King of the Merovingian, can be baptized by Bishop Remigius of Reims. He thus secured the support of the Catholic Church in the Frankish Empire.
  • 1003: Pope John XVIII. accepts his pontificate.
  • 1223: Francis of Assisi is in Greccio with the living animals and humans after the events of Christmas.


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Before the 18th century

18th century

19th century

20th century




Before the 20th century

  • 0317 BC: Philip III. Arrhidaios, Macedonian king
  • 1361: Agnes, Duchess of Lower Bavaria and Countess of neck
  • 1513: Johann Amerbach, Swiss printer and publisher
  • 1552: John Marcellus, German philologist and poet
  • 1631: Johann II Avenarius, German legal scholar
  • 1635: Samuel de Champlain, French explorer and colonizer
  • 1654: . Anton Matthew jun, German legal scholar
  • 1659: Johann Georg Cods, German theologian
  • 1683: Kara Mustafa Pasha, Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire
  • 1790: Johann Gottfried Heinitz, German educator and hymn writer
  • 1791: Claus Fasting, Norwegian writer and critic
  • 1835: Friedrich Vieweg, German publisher
  • 1842: Friedrich Dionys Weber, Bohemian composer and music educator
  • 1845: Wilhelm Friedrich Ernst Bach, German composer
  • 1851: Abraham Constantin Mouradgea d' Ohsson, French - Armenian Mongolist
  • 1853: Joseph von Radowitz, Prussian general and diplomat
  • 1861: Jacob Joseph Eeckhout, Belgian painter and lithographer
  • 1862: Adolph Kullak, German pianist and writer on music
  • 1867 Toni, Adam Berger, Austrian actress
  • 1871: Friedrich Jäger of Jaxtthal, Austrian ophthalmologist
  • 1875: Young Tom Morris, British golfer
  • 1880: Fridolin Anderwert, Swiss Federal
  • 1882: Bernhard Afinger, German sculptor
  • 1885: Eugène Emmanuel Amaury Pineux, French painter
  • 1892: Nikolai Vladimirovich Eagle Mountain, Russian Count, State, Hofkammerherr, governor of Taganrog, Simferopol and administrators of Finland
  • 1893: Benjamin T. Biggs, American politician, Governor of Delaware, a member of the U.S. House of Representatives

20th century

21st Century

  • 2001: Werner Achmann, German production designer and film set designer
  • 2002: Gabriel Almond, American political scientist
  • 2002: William Willms, German writer
  • 2004: Gennadi Mikhailovich Strekalow, Russian cosmonaut
  • 2005: Felice Andreasi, Italian actor
  • 2005: Derek Bailey, a British guitarist and improviser
  • 2005: Birgit Nilsson, Swedish opera singer
  • 2006: James Brown, American soul singer
  • 2008: Eartha Kitt, American singer and actress ( Queen of the Night Clubs)
  • 2008: Ann Savage, American film actress
  • 2008: Robert Ward, American blues musician ( Ohio Players )
  • 2009: Vic Chesnutt, American singer and songwriter
  • 2009: Knut Haugland, Norwegian explorers
  • 2010: Carlos Andres Perez, Venezuelan President
  • 2011: Hans -Heinrich Isenbart, German moderator and horse expert
  • 2012: Othmar Schneider, Austrian alpine skier
  • 2012: Rudolf Müller ( bishop), German Catholic bishop
  • 2012: Joachim Seyppel, German author and literary scholar

Holidays and observances

  • Religious observances Christmas Day

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