Blandine Ebinger

Blandine Ebinger (actually Blandine Ebinger Hassenpflug - nee Blandine Loeser; * November 4, 1899 in Berlin, † December 25, 1993 ibid ) was a German actress and chanson singer and songwriter.


Blandine was the daughter of actress Margaret Ebinger born Wezel (1878-1957) and pianist Gustav Loeser. The doctor, Dr. Ernst Ebinger was her stepfather.

Blandine began her acting career at the age of seven already Leipzig Playhouse, where she represented the Little Eyolf. After that, they played regularly children's roles in the theater. Even as a young girl she sang in Berlin cabarets such as smoke and mirrors and megalomania and was the 17 -year-old debut in the German silent film. Her film career finally took 70 years. In the 1920s included the wife of composer Friedrich Hollaender ( 1919 marriage, divorce 1926), of the song cycle Songs of a poor girl wrote to her, to the great stars of the cabaret and chanson scene of Berlin. She sang songs of Klabund and ballads of Walter Mehring in cabaret comedian and gave the social misery in Berlin at the end of the Weimar Republic a voice. In 1933 she took over the management of the Tingel - tangling theater and continue to smaller roles in movies before they emigrated to the U.S. in 1937. There, however, she could not gain a foothold in Hollywood and received only a few small roles.

In 1946 she returned to Europe and in 1948 to Berlin, where they played at the Hebbel -Theater and at the Schiller Theater. They remained until the early 1950s in East Germany, worked in four DEFA films and several West German cinema productions. However, their main focus was on her theater work and chanson evenings, which should keep the memory of the German cabaret song of the 1920s awake. Into old age, she performed as a singer and took on small roles in film and television. In 1986, she was in an episode of the ZDF series I'm getting married to see a family. Your dedicated a star on the Walk of Fame of Cabaret. Horst Königstein held their art for posterity with the four - part television production " Blandine - a life Music " in 1988 fixed. She performed one last time on television.

Her daughter Philina (* 1924) came from his first marriage. Philina remained after the emigration to the United States, where he was briefly ( 1941-1946 ) with Georg Kreisler ( 1922-2011 ) married. From this marriage comes Blandines grandson Thomas Kreisler ( b. 1942 ).

In 1965 she was married to his second marriage to publisher Helwig Hassenpflug.

The estate of Blandine Ebinger is in the archive of the Academy of Arts in Berlin. Your tomb, a grave of honor, is located in the forest cemetery Dahlem in Berlin.

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"You could call it a rachitic Madonna call ... this lisping, skinny person with severe, large eyes is the master of Tragigroteske. "

" As you were, what you played! As you played, what you were! "