Max Wien

Max Karl Werner Vienna ( born December 25, 1866 in Königsberg ( Prussia) (now Kaliningrad ), † February 24, 1938 in Jena ) was a German physicist. He was cousin of Nobel Prize winner Wilhelm Wien.

Vienna studied in Königsberg, Freiburg and Berlin. He habilitated in 1893 and was appointed in 1904 as full professor at the newly founded Institute of Technology Gdansk. In 1911 he became director of the Physics Institute at the University of Jena. He developed there from 1906 to 1909 the delete radio stations and wrote many works on AC, electrical oscillations and wireless telegraphy. His criticism of the Helmholtz resonance theory of hearing is received as Vienna shear objection in the literature. According to him also the Vienna effect on the behavior of electrolytes is named in strong electric fields.