Paolo Lorenzi

Paolo Lorenzi ( born December 25, 1981 in Rome ) is an Italian tennis player, he currently resides in Siena.

  • 2.2.1 Siege ATP World Tour
  • ATP Challenger Tour

Life and career

Between 2000 and 2002 Paolo Lorenzi was traveling exclusively on Futures level. After he won his first tournament in Valpovo in 2003, he tried some Challenger tournaments. First successes, until the end of 2005 and 2006 he presented a won his first tournament in this performance class in Tarragona. After this victory, he reached the Top 200 for the first time and managed to finish the year ranked 165.

2007 was less successful. Mostly was on the Challenger tournaments in the second round concluded he became a moderate success but at the ATP tournament in Barcelona when he was in the first round of his compatriot Stefano Galvani defeated after recovering qualification.

The next year Lorenzi played back some Futures tournaments, after a victory at Trent he was playing Challengers, winning by year's end the tournament in Alessandria.

2009 was its most successful year ever with three Challengerturniersiegen and three Finaleinzügen.

On February 10, 2013 Lorenzi won in double Potito Starace with in Viña del Mar, his first tournament on the ATP Tour.







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