Nordwestdeutscher Rundfunk

The North West German Broadcasting ( NWDR ) was a public institution (national broadcasting company ), headquartered in Hamburg for the states of Hamburg, Lower Saxony, Schleswig -Holstein and North Rhine -Westphalia and to 1954 for West Berlin. 1955 NWDR was divided into two independent broadcasters NDR and WDR and listened to the start of transmission of NDR and WDR on 1 January 1956 to exist.

The NWDR was a member of the Association of Public - service broadcasters of the Federal Republic of Germany (ARD).


The NWDR goes back to 1924, founded in Hamburg " Nordic Broadcasting AG " ( NORAG ). Before the end of World War II established the military government of the British zone of occupation on May 4, 1945 the first radio Hamburg, which as North West German Broadcasting ( NWDR ) under the organization of Hugh Greene common broadcaster was on 22 September 1945, the entire British zone.

1948 NWDR was passed into German hands and converted into a public institution for the states of Hamburg, Lower Saxony, Schleswig -Holstein, North Rhine -Westphalia and Berlin. First German General was the SPD politician Adolf Grimme culture. Since Bremen and Bremerhaven enclaves of the American occupation zone formed in the British Zone, Radio Bremen was never part of the NWDR. Because of this political particularity Bremen Bremerhaven in 1947 became a separate federal state, and Radio Bremen is today an independent broadcaster within the ARD.

The NWDR initially radiated from only one program (later NWDR 1). Starting in 1950, followed two regional FM radio stations, NWDR Nord ( North FM, later NDR 2 ) and NWDR West ( West FM, later WDR 2). In the same year was the NWDR founding member of the ARD.

From 6 April 1950 the NWDR ran the studio in Dortmund Westphalia. The studio was led by Dr. Peter Funk. It was founded because 24 percent of all NWDR listeners lived in Westphalia. You should find a larger proportion in the program. In particular, the - until now produced at WDR - Send Between the Rhine and Weser served that purpose.

1952 NWDR was involved in the resumption of television in Germany, when including the daily program operation on December 25, 1952, four days after the start of transmission of the German Television in the GDR. Preliminary total of 31,188 minutes program already aired in the experimental period from November 27th 1950 to December 24th 1952. On December 26, 1952, thus only one day after ingestion of the daily transmission operation, was the first football game in the history of German television transmitted directly to the DFB Cup match FC St. Pauli against Sportfreunde Hamborn 07 in Hamburg. The time used by the NWDR bunker on the Holy Spirit field was right next to the Millertor stadium, so that the heavy film cameras did not have to be transported far.

In 1953, test transmissions were carried out on long wave in the evenings.

On June 1, 1954, the Sender Freies Berlin ( SFB) newly founded retired from the NWDR to emit a standalone program for West Berlin.

In February 1955, the federal states of Hamburg, Lower Saxony, Schleswig -Holstein and North Rhine -Westphalia regulated broadcasting new in their countries. As a result, the NWDR was divided into two independent broadcasters. The North German Radio (NDR ) based in Hamburg should be producing for the states of Hamburg, Lower Saxony and Schleswig -Holstein and the West German Broadcasting, based in Cologne for the Land Nordrhein-Westfalen broadcasts. On January 1, 1956, the two new broadcasters started with their own radio broadcasts, wherein the first radio program for many years provided a common casing program that only temporarily split into regional programs.

Starting in 1956, the NDR operation on long wave the German Long- wave transmitter whose frequency took over in 1962 the Germany radio.

The television area of ​​the NWDR took over from April 1, 1956 initially the North and West German Broadcasting Association ( NWRV ) until 1961. Thereafter, both broadcasters were responsible for their respective coverage area also in the television sector.


The NWDR held until 1955, three radio programs:

  • NWDR 1: joint program on medium wave and FM for the whole coverage area
  • NWDR North (better known as FM -Nord): regional program on FM for Northern Germany from Hamburg
  • NWDR West ( better known as FM West): regional program on FM for North Rhine- Westphalia from Cologne

Furthermore, the NWDR was instrumental in the German Television, which later became the First German Television, the joint program of the ARD. Other television programs did not exist until 1955.


  • NWDR Symphony Orchestra, founded in 1945, today NDR Symphony Orchestra
  • Radio Orchestra Hamburg, founded in 1946, dissolved in 1964
  • Hannover Radio Orchestra of NWDR, today NDR Radio Philharmonic