July 28

The July 28 is the 209th day of the Gregorian Calendar ( 210th in leap years), thus still 156 days remain until the end of the year.

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  • 2.2 19th century
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Politics and World Affairs

  • 0754: Pippin the Younger can be together with his sons Carloman and Charlemagne by Pope Stephen II, who came to France to ask him for help against the Lombards, crowned in the Basilica of Saint- Denis to the king of the Franks.
  • 1148: The Crusaders break the siege of Damascus from the fifth day after it becomes known that Nur ad -Din zoom pulls with an army. The disunity of the three Christian kings of the progress of the Second Crusade, lays the seeds for the subsequent failure.
  • 1330: After the defeat of Bulgarian troops in the Battle of Welbaschd the Serbian kingdom attained to the Ottoman conquest, the supremacy in the Balkans.
  • 1353: Anne of Schweidnitz is crowned Queen of Bohemia.
  • 1420: The Roman- German King Sigismund crowned in Prague as King of Bohemia.
  • 1480: In Otranto campaign lands an Ottoman army in Apulia and prefers Otranto. After the surrender of the city is denied, the siege begins.
  • 1540: The British Chancellor Thomas Cromwell, who has the fourth marriage of Henry VIII with Anne of Cleves gives, is executed for treason and heresy. On the same day Henry VIII marries his fifth wife, Catherine Howard.
  • 1609: An island of Bermuda is involuntary, settled by English colonists who wish to Virginia for ten months. Your ship is running in a heavy storm on a reef and is thereby unseaworthy.


Science and Technology

  • 2000: The research reactor Munich (called " Atomic Egg " ), who was the first German research reactor in Garching went into operation in 1957, will shut down.





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Before the 19th century

19th century

Cristina Trivulzio Belgiojoso (* 1808)

Louisine W. Havemeyer (* 1855)

Beatrix Potter (* 1866)

Marcel Duchamp (* 1887)

20th century




Before the 19th century

Rodrigo de Bastidas († 1527)

Thomas Cromwell († 1540)

  • 0450: Theodosius II, East Roman Emperor
  • 1057: Victor II, Pope
  • 1127: William II, Duke of Apulia
  • 1230: . Leopold VI, an Austrian nobleman, Duke of Austria and Styria
  • 1410: Johanna Sophia of Bavaria, youngest daughter of Duke Albrecht I of Straubing- Holland
  • 1412: Henry III. Rosenberg, nobleman from the house Rosenberg, highest Burggraf in Prague
  • 1527: Rodrigo de Bastidas, Spanish conqueror
  • 1540: Thomas Cromwell, English statesman

Antonio Vivaldi († 1741)

Johann Sebastian Bach († 1750)

Francois Henriot († 1794)

Maximilien de Robespierre († 1794)

Antoine de Saint -Just († 1794)

19th century

Joseph Bonaparte († 1844)

Carlo Alberto I. († 1849)

Salomon Rothschild († 1885)

20th century

21st Century

  • 2001: Johnny Bernero, American drummer
  • 2001: Yamada Futaro, Japanese writer
  • 2002: Archer John Porter Martin, British chemist, Nobel Prize winner
  • 2004: Francis Crick, British physicist and biochemist, Nobel laureate, co-discoverer of the DNA Molakularstruktur
  • 2004: Eugene Roche, American actor
  • 2004: Tiziano Terzani, Italian journalist and writer
  • 2004: Curth Anatol Tichy, Austrian actor
  • 2006: Ruth Brandt, Norwegian- German author, second wife of the German Chancellor Willy Brandt
  • 2006: David Gemmell, British fantasy author
  • 2010: Antonio Daniloski, German e- sports
  • 2010: Horst F. Pampel, German homeland researcher
  • 2010: Karl- Heinz Wild Moser, German entrepreneur and sports official
  • 2011: Bernd Clüver, German pop singer
  • 2012: Vartan Achkarian, Armenian Catholic Bishop
  • 2012: Ingeborg Westphal, German actress
  • 2013: Eileen Brennan, American actress
  • 2013: Josef Heinrich Darchinger, German Photographer

Holidays and observances

  • Religious observances Johann Sebastian Bach, German church musician ( Protestant)
  • George Frideric Handel, German church musician (Protestant: ELCA, LCMS )
  • Name Days Ada, Timon
  • State Holidays and observances Peru 's independence from Spain (1821 )

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