Bermuda is an archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean. As a British Overseas Territory, it is under the sovereignty of the United Kingdom. It is eponymous for the Bermuda triangle and the Bermuda shorts.


The Bermuda Islands consist of about 360 coral islands, of which only about 20 are inhabited. The island of Grand Bermuda is 39.3 km ² by far the largest. In the north- west Iceland Somerset borders and the North East Saint George's Iceland to the main island.

The climate in Bermuda is subtropical and humid. However, can occur in January and minimum temperatures of 5 degrees. In September, it often comes to hurricanes.

The highest elevation of the country is the Town Hill 79 m. Remarkable are the strong dissection of the islands and the numerous karst caves. The island is surrounded by coral reefs. There are thus the northernmost tropical coral reefs in the world. There is only one place in the eastern Bermuda, at the great cruise and container ships are regular visitors in Bermuda, the reefs can happen. Since rivers are missing on the islands, rainwater must be collected in cisterns.

Characteristic of the subtropical vegetation are rubber trees, sage species and the Bermuda juniper. In some coastal areas mangrove trees grow; of the stocks in Bermuda is the northernmost occurrence of mangroves in the Atlantic.

In Bermuda, the almost extinct species of bird Bermuda Petrel has its breeding grounds.

In addition, there are several national parks, both above and under water.

The shortest straight line distance from the United States ( State of North Carolina ) is 1037 km ( offshore island ) or 1067 km (North Carolina mainland ).


55 % of residents are African-American, 34.2% are White. The colored inhabitants are descendants of African slaves, the whites of British descent. The capital city of Hamilton has 1012 inhabitants. The official and spoken language is British English. The majority of the population is Protestant (mostly Anglican), 15 % are Roman Catholic, 0.8 % are Jehovah's Witnesses.

The people of Bermuda to enjoy a high standard of living, but the cost of living is very high. There is virtually no unemployment. About 80 % of the national budget is spent on social services and education. There is no income tax or value added tax, but high tariffs. Private imported goods are taxed at 25% ( except on the first $ 100 ).

From 6 to 17 years is compulsory education. Many families put a large portion of their money in for an expensive private school education for their children with school fees over $ 10,000. There are five private schools and many public schools. All students must wear school uniforms. The Bermuda College provides a college education; go to the actual university students in the USA, Canada or England.

Many residents of Bermuda to practice several professions. It is allowed since 1961, the White majority to sit next to whites on the bus, cinema or restaurant. However, it is still the case that the public schools are attended almost exclusively by African- Americans.


Bermuda was discovered in 1503 by the Spaniard Juan de Bermudez, but, did not go ashore because of the dangerous reefs that surround the island. Peter Martyr of Anghiera published in 1511 one of the first maps on which the island group is located. She wears it the name la bermuda. In the same year Spanish maps showing the Bermudas published. Spanish and Portuguese ships arrived in Bermuda in order to provide themselves with fresh water and meat. But the fear of ghosts and the difficult sea conditions kept the Europeans initially depend on to build settlements here.

The first settlers were involuntarily English colonists on their way to Virginia. In a severe storm their ship Sea Venture came on 28 July 1609 a reef of Bermuda. The 150 castaways were forced to go ashore. The group under the leadership of Sir George Somers spent there for ten months. From the ruins of the Sea Venture and from site of found wood, they built two smaller ships, which they continued the trip to Virginia. Their reports about the island attracted great attention in England, so that James I handed over the powers of the islands in 1615, the Bermuda Company. 1612 was founded by about 60 British colonists Saint George's. A deputy government was used in 1620, whereupon Bermuda separate colony.

Because of the remoteness of the islands, their economy focused initially on trade in salt and on the well-suited for shipbuilding timber of the Bermuda juniper. The port city of Hamilton was founded in 1790, centrally located capital in 1815.

During the Second World War, Bermuda became important for the United States. Built in 1941, the U.S. Army two fixed military bases, and in return got the British forces excess destroyer of the U.S. Navy ( destroyer - for - bases agreement). 1943, the so-called Bermuda Conference was held there. In 1995, the American, Canadian and British bases were closed.

Bermuda has developed after the Second World War, economically successful tax haven. 1968 a constitution was drawn up, which since then has encouraged the pursuit of independence; in a referendum in 1995 but this was rejected.


State organization

Bermuda is an overseas territory of the United Kingdom. The political system is based on the Westminster model. Head of state is Queen Elizabeth II, represented by a governor appointed by it.

Bermuda has an elected House of Representatives and a Senate (11 members), whose members are appointed by the Governor. The majority leader in the House of Representatives is appointed by the Governor to the prime minister and asked to form a government. This government (Cabinet ) is composed of the Premier and ministers. She is responsible to the Parliament.

The area is largely autonomous, only a few areas - particularly the foreign and defense policy - to be decided directly by the government in London. Founded in 1620 the Parliament of Bermuda the fifth oldest in the world and the only one that has existed continuously during this period.

Bermuda currently maintains an armed unit in the strength of about 700 men and women.

Administrative divisions

Bermuda is administratively divided into nine parishes and two Municipalities:


With the American mainland and with London airport Bermuda LF is Wade International Airport linked by scheduled air services. Charter airlines connect the islands with Europe. On the islands themselves operate interstate buses in close succession in time. The large islands are interconnected by dams and bridges.

Per plot only one car is allowed on the islands. Tourists can choose ( National vehicle of the Bermuda Islands) between the bicycle, bus, taxi, hackney and scooters - there is no commercial car rental.

In all Bermuda a speed limit of 35 kilometers per hour for both cars and scooters applies. However, very few citizens keeps in mind also, the police only from 50 km / h speeding ticket from.


The main industry is tourism, with a share of 40 % of gross domestic product. Tourists come to around 90 % from the U.S., but increasingly also in Western Europe. Since Bermuda is a tax haven ( with low tax rates ), settled there countless banks and insurance companies. Bermuda is the third largest center for reinsurance (eg, Everest Re and Partner Re ) in competition with London and New York. Among the international companies that have transferred in the course of decades domiciled there, also includes the spirits producer Bacardi and the largest oil tanker company in the world Frontline Ltd..

In the course of discussion of measures against tax havens as part of the G -20 summit began in 2008, however, a massive relocation of international companies from Bermuda one. Within a few months laid up in early September 2009, Accenture, ACE Limited, Cooper Industries, Covidien, Foster Wheeler, Ingersoll-Rand, Tyco Electronics, Tyco International and Weatherford International alone in listed companies, nine of the former twelve largest companies in Bermuda domiciled in other countries.

A portion of government revenues came formerly from the lease of an area around the airport as a military base to the U.S..

The subtropical climate allows for intensive agriculture. Crops are citrus fruits, potatoes, vegetables, tobacco and flowers (especially lilies). Fishing barely cover its own needs. Apart from the lime used as building material no natural resources are available. Small industries process fragrances and produce pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

Executed mainly tropical fruits, vegetables, flowers, plant extracts, and cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. Foods of all kinds, petroleum products and motor vehicles must be introduced. In Bermuda hardly drive big cars; to a lack of stretching, on the other hand they are by a 100% taxation extremely expensive.


In Bermuda British tradition is maintained. This is evident, for example, in numerous parades, at the festive uniforms, at the " Old England " scenery of the villages and even in the kitchen.

National Day is May 24


Since 1906 there is the Bermuda Race, a 647 -nautical mile offshore race from Brenton Reef in Newport (Rhode Iceland ) to Hamilton, expanded in 1964 by the sailing regatta series Onion Patch. The sports of rugby and cricket are also popular because of the history, the National Cricket Team participated in the Cricket World Cup 2007 part.


  • Kenneth Amis (born 1970 ), American tuba player
  • Heather Nova ( born July 6, 1967 as Heather Allison Frith ) is a Bermuda-based musician, singer and poet.
  • Shaun Goater ( born February 25, 1970 in Hamilton, Bermuda) is a football player. He played from 1989 to 2006 at various English clubs.
  • Lance Hayward (1916-1991), jazz pianist
  • Lena Headey ( born October 3, 1973), actress
  • Collie Buddz (born 21 August 1981) dancehall and reggae artists


The currency of Bermuda is the Bermudian dollar, which is converted in the ratio 1:1 to the U.S. dollar. But the U.S. dollar is common and accepted in Bermuda as payment.

Power supply system

The power grid of Bermuda is the equal of the USA. This applies to both the voltage, 110 V, and for the sockets and plug the devices.