Leonora Duarte

Leonora Duarte (* baptized July 28, 1610 in Antwerp, † 1678 ) was a Flemish (then Spanish Netherlands ) composer of the Baroque.

Leonora Duarte came from a wealthy Portuguese- Jewish merchant family that had settled in Antwerp. She had excellent contact with the upper class, to the English aristocracy due to their origin. Leonora and her brother Diego Duarte (1612-1691) must have received an extensive musical training on the viola da gamba, lute and harpsichord.

The grand house of Duarte, who were also art collectors, the venue for numerous concerts and theater performances, Leonora together with her brother and well-known musicians of the time, as Nicholas Lanier organized. Was

With the coming also from Antwerp composer Constantijn Huygens both siblings had a lively correspondence. Both were also active as a composer. While Diego is no work get there from Leonora Duarte seven Sinfonias, which are little fantasies for Gambenkonsort in principle. The library of the " Christ Church College " at Oxford is in possession of a copy of these works.