Constantijn Huygens

Constantijn Huygens ( September 4, 1596 The Hague, † March 28, 1687 ) was a poet and composer from the Netherlands. In 1627 he married Suzanna van Baerle. From this marriage five children were born. One of these children was Christiaan Huygens.

Huygens wrote, in seven languages ​​, many witty and, as usual in the 17th century, often moral, religious poems for an intelligent, educated audience, as well as a comedy and some satires.

Huygens studied law as a young man, and became a diplomat and secretary of two Dutch governors, Frederick Henry and William II. Doing so, he often had to strenuous travel, even to make battles. Around 1640 he could afford, in Voorburg the mansion Hofwijck ( now a museum ) to be constructed. He himself had designed the square building.

Huygens was a friend of René Descartes and supported him in the printing of his books. Huygens was also active as a musician and composer. He dominated the game the sounds of the viola, harpsichord and organ. In 1640 he wrote a treatise organ Gebruyck of ongebruyck van ' t orgel in de Nederlanden kercken the Vereenighde 1658 a paper on the Kerck - gebruyck of Psalms.