Dante Maggio

Dante Maggio ( born March 2, 1909 in Naples, † March 3, 1992 in Rome ) was an Italian actor.


Maggio comes from a family of actors; as his siblings Pupella, Rosalia, Beniamino and Enzo and nephew Vincenzo he began in the 1930s with Neapolitan farces and comedies on the stages and streets of his hometown. In 1947 he received a first film offer; often he was seen alongside his colleagues Totò. He later took him numerous genre films roles that showed him as a grumpy old man, bartender or gravedigger, for example as cellmate Indians in For a Few Dollars More (1965). In German-speaking countries he is known primarily in the role of old pirate " Bill Bones " from the first part of the ZDF Adventure Four divider Treasure Island in 1966, where you among other things, it saw alongside Michael Ande and Ilsemarie Schnering. Overall, he has appeared in over 110 films. Maggio died the day after his 83rd birthday.

In some films, he used the pseudonym Dan May

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