Philipp Foltz

Philipp von Foltz ( born May 11, 1805 in Bingen, † August 5, 1877 in Munich) was a German painter.


Philipp von Foltz was the son of the painter Ludwig Foltz, from which he also received his first art lessons. With 20 years Foltz went in 1825 to Munich, where he joined the painter Peter von Cornelius, was accepted as a student by the Director of the Academy of Art. Soon could Foltz assist his teacher when working on the frescoes in the Glyptothek and under the arcades.

In the new Königsbau Foltz designed together with Wilhelm Lindenschmit the Elder. the writing room of the Queen; 23 representations have Friedrich Schiller's ballads on the subject. In addition, a small living room was designed with 19 images that have Gottfried August Bürger's poems to content.

During this time Foltz also created a series of oil paintings, partly in the style of romance, some of genre painting. His most famous work of this was in 1833, " The Farewell of King Otto I. to Greece ".

In the fall of 1835 Foltz undertook a study trip to Rome. There, in the following winter was the monumental work " The singer's curse" on the eponymous poem by Ludwig Uhland. After three years' residence in Italy he returned to Munich and was appointed professor at the Academy of Fine Arts short time later by King Maximilian II.

Part as much, partly as an order of the king created Foltz for the Maximilianeum two monumental pictures: " Humiliation of Emperor Frederick I the Lion before the Duke Heinrich" " attacked Pericles, of Cleon and his followers because of the buildings on the Acropolis of Athens" and.

Between 1865 and 1875 became the Royal Foltz. Bayer. Central Gallery Director. As such, he made ​​himself among others, although to the arts in the Kingdom of Bavaria very deserving, but also faced as a result of which he represents and extremely controversial restoration measures after the Max von Pettenkofer method and suspended overpainting of images and similar blunders violent hostility.

In 1869 he was raised to the peerage. At the age of 72 years died of Foltz on August 5, 1877 in Munich.

As a representative of historical painting Foltz placed great emphasis on accurate composition and faithful performance of his works; as a genre painter, he put the emphasis on lightness and poetry. According to current opinion his work is rather to be classified as conservative and academic.

His brother Ludwig Foltz was a well known architect.

Works (selection)

  • The singer's Curse
  • Humiliation Emperor Frederick I in front of the Duke Henry the Lion
  • Pericles, attacked by Cleon and his followers, because of the buildings on the Acropolis of Athens
  • Hunting party of Bavarian King Max II 1858 (AZ March 17, 2008)