J. J. Jeczalik

JJ Jeczalik ( born May 11, 1955 real name: Jonathan Edward Stephen Jeczalik ) is a British keyboard player and programmer who is best known for his membership in the British electronic band Art of Noise. He was responsible for the Fairlight CMI sounds with the band. Jeczalik was with Anne Dudley, Trevor Horn and Gary Langan 1983 Founding member of the band. Previously, he also worked on the realization of the first panel of the pop group Frankie Goes to Hollywood, who were then at the British record label ZTT contract, worked at the Jeczalik. After the release of the Fairlight CMI Series II in 1982 Jeczalik had access to " Page R ", the built-in sequencer of Fairlight. While he worked on the Yes album 90125, Jeczalik experimented with drums and percussion samples of Yes drummer Alan White. Jeczalik developed so with Gary Langan, drum beats and breaks in Page R and composed as " Beat Box ", the debut single by Art of Noise.

During the production of Malcolm McLaren album " Duck Rock" met Jeczalik Langan and the musician Anne Dudley. Along with Horn, Langan, Dudley and Paul Morley founded Jeczalik the band Art of Noise in 1983.

After the dissolution of the Art of Noise JJ Jeczalik brought together with Bob Kraushaar in the years 1995-1997 plates with instrumental pieces out, which led more into the dancing area. The name of this band was The Art of silence. Jeczalik simultaneously produced the pop groups " Godley & Creme" and the " Pet Shop Boys".

He now lives in Oxford, England with his wife and two daughters and works as a teacher ( he teaches IT at Oxford High School GDST Senior ).

Jeczalik worked in his career with various well-known bands: