Conrad Ramstedt

Conrad Ramstedt ( born 1 February 1867 in Hamersleben; † February 7, 1963 in Münster ) was a German physician.

Ramstedt was born the son of the secret health council Constantin Ramstedt in Hamersleben ( Saxony). From 1889 to 1894 he studied medicine in Heidelberg, Berlin and Halle ( Saale), where he graduated in 1893 with a doctorate. In 1894 he became an assistant to Colonel Max on Knappschaftskrankenhaus Bergmannstrost in Halle. From 1896 to 1901 Ramstedt completed specialized training at the Surgical University Clinic Halle Fritz Gustav von Bramann. In 1901 he joined the active medical officer in the Cuirassier Regiment "by Driesen " ( Westphalian ) No. 4 for the first time to Munster, which was to be his home until the end of his life. In 1903 he opened there a " private clinic for severe cases ." In 1909 he moved to the Raphael Clinic in him a Surgical Department was established by the Clemens sisters. In 1911 he performed the first operation the pylorus constriction ( pyloric stenosis ) as a result of muscle hypertrophy to a little boy. In 1912 Ramstedt at the meeting of the Society of German Natural Scientists and Physicians in Munster his new surgical procedure which is still used today as " Ramstedt operation ". 1914 Conrad Ramstedt was appointed to the upper staff and regimental doctor.

In 1947, he completed his work as chief physician of the surgical department. At the suggestion of the Medical College of Raphaelsklinik Ramstedt in 1957 was awarded the Order of Merit of the great Federal Republic of Germany. Ramstedt 1963 died at the age of 96 years.