Susy Andersen

Susy Andersen (actually Maria Antonietta Golgi; born April 20, 1940 in Pula) is an Italian actress.


Andersen, which operated as Suzy Andersen, Suzy Andersson and Susy Golgi in the cast lists, completed after beginning as a model from 1963 to 1969 a fairly short career in Italian genre films, which began with a promising first appearance in 1960. The blond and tall beauty fell in Wurdalak episode of Mario Bava's anthology film The Three Faces of Fear and played among other things, in a handful of antique films and spaghetti westerns; a second appearance outside is pure consumption goods they had famiglie in Ugo Gregorettis Le belle. The mid-1960s stagnated her career and then died away completely. Also Andersen was seen on some magazine covers.