Joseph Gungl

Joseph Gungl ( József Gungl, born December 1, 1810 in Zsámbék, Pest - Pilis - Solt -Kiskun; † January 31, 1889 in Weimar ) was a German composer hungary and military bandmaster.

Gungl worked from 1834 as an oboist and music master of an Austrian military band. With its own chapel, which he founded in Berlin in 1843, he undertook concert tours to Russia and the United States. From 1858 to 1864 he was again military bandmaster and then headed back to 1870 a chapel in Munich. 1868 founded the "Hungarian - German Waltz King " for the Kurmusik which survived until today Orchestra in Bad Reichenhall - today's " Bad Reichenhall Philharmonic ". According to him, Karl Hünn, Gustav Paepke were ( son of Joseph Gungl ) and, in the period after the Second World War, Dr. William Barth director of the orchestra.

Gungl composed over four hundred waltzes, polkas, mazurkas and marches. His most popular works are concert Walzerträume on the ocean and the Hungarian march, which was transcribed by Liszt for piano.

Even by his nephew János Gungl ( born March 5, 1828 in Zsámbék, † November 27, 1883 in Pécs ), who was from 1848 to 1862 violinist of the court chapel of St. Petersburg, over one hundred dances have survived.