Financial Times

The Financial Times ( FT) is a London published six days a week liberal business newspaper. But it has also many general political articles and is not with the German Handelsblatt (a pure business newspaper ) comparable. Your journalistic tradition dates back to the year 1884 when the London publisher Harry Marks for the first time brought out Financial News (FN), the immediate predecessor of today's Financial Times.

1888 was first published in a newspaper called the Financial Times. First came on January 9, Horatio Bottomley London Financial Guide on the market, which renamed itself in Financial Times on February 13. To break the sheet helped an idea of then- publisher Douglas MacRae: He had them from 1893 to print on salmon-colored paper to make them distinctive. For hundred - year celebration salmon-colored appearance, the newspaper was printed on 4 January 1993 on white paper.

1957 took over the publishing group Pearson, the Financial Times. Since 1979, an edition for European and North American readers will be printed in Frankfurt am Main. Today, the Financial Times sold daily over 440,000 copies worldwide. In July 1999, the newspaper is named as part of a survey, which was conducted in 50 countries around the world as the "best newspaper in the world ".

The Financial Times in 2004 sold approximately 100,000 of its 406,000 copies world-wide in the home country Great Britain.

Of 21 February 2000 to 7 December 2012, a Financial Times Germany appeared (FTD ). On 1 January 2008 took over Gruner Jahr, the second 50 percent share of the Pearson Publishing Group (FT ) on the FTD and has since been sole owner. Both newspapers have since been connected only by name.

Financial Times is known for a number of rankings, which publishes the journal regularly. Is published quarterly for example, the Financial Times Global 500, a list of the 500 largest companies in the world by market capitalization.