Anders Ahlgren

Anders Oscar Ahlgren ( born February 12, 1888 in Malmö, † December 27, 1976 ) was a Swedish wrestler.


Anders Ahlgren was an outstanding Swedish wrestler shortly before from the early days of the modern struggle and shortly after the First World War. He was a member of GAK Enigheit Malmö, where he began in 1907 with the rings. As was customary, he wrestled only in the Greco-Roman style, are in the grips allowed only from the waist up. Earlier in his career he wrestled heavyweight, later in the heavyweight division. In 1909 he became Swedish champion in the light heavyweight division for the first time.

From 1909 he started with a lot of success at international championships. Many of these championships in which he took part, contributed unofficial character, because the Austragungsmodi and weight classifications changed often.

The first international championship in which he took part in the European Championships in Malmo was in 1909. He started in the light heavyweight ( to 82.5 kg of body weight) and finished 4th. A year later he won at the European Championships in Budapest, Heavyweight (up to 85 kg body weight ) with the 2nd place his first medal. In the final battle he defeated the Dutchman J. van Westerop.

In 1911 he was runner-up in Helsinki in the light heavyweight (up to 83 kg body weight). He had to fight in this battle against 13 opponents and fought draw against the eventual winner Alfred Asikainen from Finland. In 1911 he was in Berlin in another World Cup at the start. He wrestled there for the first time in the heavyweight division, finishing in 3rd place, where he defeated the famous Dane Søren Marinus Jensen, in the final battle but was defeated by Alex Järvinen from Finland. At the Olympic Games in Stockholm in 1912 he fought in the light heavyweight division. He fought his way up in the final against the Finn Ivar Böhling by. According to current opinion this fight was stopped after hours without result, and both wrestlers were placed on the 2nd place, which Anders Ahlgren had won the silver medal. In the book " The 1912 Olympic Games " (Carl Diem, Berlin edition 1912, reprint Kassel Sports Publishing, 1990) is called in the results Anders Ahlgren was the first winner and Ivar Böhling in second place, - a contradiction that still requires explanation.

At the European Championships 1913 in Budapest succeeded Anders finally win a title. He was in front of Tibor Fischer from Hungary European champions. In the same year he also became world heavyweight champion from the strong German wrestlers Jacob Neser from Ludwigshafen am Rhein and Karl Hertel from Hof (Saale) in Wroclaw.

The First World War interrupted the international career of Anders Ahlgren. However, in 1920 he took the second time in Antwerp participate in the Olympics, missed 5th place but a medal. The main reason was a surprising defeat by American Edward Wilkie.

His career was decided by the now 34 -year-old with the 2nd place at the World Championships 1922 in Stockholm. In the final he defeated while his compatriot Ernst Nilsson.

International Championships

(OS = Olympic Games, WM = World Championship, European Championship EM =, GR = Greek and Roman. Styles, Hs = light heavyweight, S = Heavy weight)

Swedish Championships

Anders Ahlgren was in 1909 in the light heavyweight and in the years 1911 and 1918 Swedish heavyweight champion.


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