Clavijo is a place and a municipality ( municipio ) in the Autonomous Community of La Rioja. It is about 16 km from Logroño.


Near the town is said to have taken place 844 the battle of Clavijo, for stating the legend that Ramiro I of Asturias won thanks to the intervention of the apostle James Abd ar - Rahman II. This now doubted battle unfolded in her time and the centuries that followed a great potency, because here the apostle James had personally intervened in a battle of the Reconquista first time. Numerous figures relate to them and make Jacob on a white horse with sword raised is, dying at his feet Moors.

960 sat García III. of Navarre Count Fernán González firmly in Castillo de Clavijo, after he had him in Cirueña can arrest. The village also appears in a deed, in Fernán González to the monastery of San Millán de la Cogolla ascribes various possessions.

1033 gave Sancho III. Garcés of Navarre the castle to the monastery of San Martín de Albelda. It seems to have been at that time two castles, which was extended to a potentially to the detriment of the other.

For 1074, a further change of ownership is known Sancho IV Garcés of Navarre gave the castle to Urraca Iñiguez, which in turn 1085 the Monasterio de San Prudencio de Monte Laturce donated it so that there would pray for his soul.

On February 12, 1285 gives Sancho IV of Castile, the village, including the castle to the city council of Logroño. Ferdinand IV of Castile in 1311 changed this donation in favor of the monastery of San Martín de Albelda.

1396 handed Diego López de Zúñiga the village along with Baños de Río Tobía, Huércanos Bobadilla and his son Iñigo Ortiz de Zúñiga. 1476 sold Pedro de Zúñiga, eldest son Diego López de Zúñiga the place to the counts of Aguilar for 400,000 maravedis.


  • Castillo de Clavijo

The castle was built before the 10th century by the Moors because of its strategic position: from here you can valley and trails along the rivers Leza and iregua control. 923 it fell to the Christian troops under Ordoño II of León and Sancho I of Navarre.

On 3 June 1931, she became the Monumento Nacional (now Bien of Interest Cultural ) explains. In 1969 she was transferred to the province of Logroño, which they had in 1970 partially restored. The keep was restored under the supervision of the architect Julio Sabra 1999.

At the castle, the sword-shaped Cruz de Santiago, the ragwort, attached, which forms part of the Rioja coat of arms.

  • Monastery of San Prudencio de Monte Laturce
  • Real Basílica de Santiago

This, dedicated to St James Ermitage is located on the slopes of Monte Laturce to 945 m altitude. - It was built in the 18th century stone and brick, and replaced an earlier, built by King Ramiro hermitage.

  • Parish church of La Asunción

A stone building dating from the 16th/17th. Century.


The local economy is largely dominated by agriculture, but there are some tourism, also trained on the western slope of the castle climbing school of Clavijo, in addition to the Arnedillo the most important of Rioja.

Local festivals

  • July 25, Jakob hard: procession with the statue of the saint of the Iglesia de la Asunción to the Basílica de Santiago de Monte Laturce. At the same time a figure of the Virgin of Tentudía carried by the women of the village. (The name refers to the request addressed to the Virgin Mary during the Battle of Clavijo Please, stop the day so would remain longer time to defeat the Moors. ) Both characters remain in the basilica until May 23 of the following year.
  • September 29: Patron Saint St. Michael.