List of postal codes in Spain

A postal code in Spain is five digits. The first two digits represent the province. Originally, the provinces were numbered alphabetically. This order is not consistently adhered to by interim renaming or adjustments to the official spelling of the province name to the regional languages. The numbers 51 and 52 for the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla were only later added. Previously, Ceuta was post with the zip codes 29801-29806 associated with the zip codes 11701-11705 the province of Cádiz, Melilla province of Malaga.

The provinces / postal districts

  • 01 Alava ( Vitoria- Gasteiz )
  • 02 Albacete
  • 03 Alicante
  • 04 Almeria
  • 05 Ávila
  • 06 Badajoz
  • 07 Illes Balears (Palma de Mallorca)
  • 08 Barcelona
  • 09 Burgos
  • 10 Caceres
  • 11 Cadiz
  • 12 Castellón
  • 13 Ciudad Real
  • 14 Córdoba
  • 15 A Coruña
  • 16 Cuenca
  • 17 Girona
  • 18 Granada

Within the provinces, the allocation of postcodes was usually carried out according to a hierarchical system, so places with the same first digits of the postal code are normally present in a closed area. The provincial capitals are assigned with the digit 0 in third place basically all zip codes. The largest cities in the province have mostly get the zip codes ending in 00, and it just comes in agglomerations also to deviations. Where there are multiple delivery areas in a city, these were numbered consecutively.

The zip code 36203 is, for example, the province of Pontevedra ( 36), in the city of Vigo (200) and within the city the third delivery district.

Postal codes of the main cities

The following postcodes the provincial capitals and other cities with more than 50,000 inhabitants are listed. This list is for guidance only, as larger cities have received several zip codes regularly.